This page is designated for SuperWikia 'Super Enforcers & Super Controllers' 3D character sourcing and authentication. Its purpose is to provide new and continuing SuperWikia members with access to 3D base characters and other solutions needed for basic competition. (Note: Characters and material used by members may be reposable.)

Super Enforcer & Super Controller CharactersEdit

Within the SuperWikia Superior Session's Armed Personnel Forces, there are two basic types of competitive forces, the Super Enforcer;SuperWikia Super Enforcer Unit which represent the SuperWikia Breach Force and the Super Controller,SuperWikia Super Controller Unit which represent the SuperWikia Defense Force. The Super Enforcers are recognized by the exact endicia of the 'Breach Alert' used to post on opponent's pages before heats. The Super Controllers are recognized by the exact decals of the 'Appellant Decal', used to make reservations and bring a heat to closure.

Soldiers basically 'reinforce' the storyboard of which your Proxeum or Guild represents. By substantiating (or submitting articles) your force's deployment, you place your team in a better position for the next heat or Session. You may want to detail your forces as closely as possible; (supply delivery, training excercise, attack/assault procedure) so remember to use your team's Dataplates for each detail.

Tourneys & Types of DutyEdit

Each soldier unit is established by the individual articles and exhibits submitted by any Proxeum or Guild and are accumulated according to the number and tenure of each submission. A typical SuperWikia 'Starter Team Event' usually establishes up to 26 to 52 articles (or troops) before completing the mission. A typical tour of duty (one partition) may establish up to 365 troops or units. Accumulating rank and troops is completed by submitting articles supporting your proxeum or guild's campaign during the tourney (Superior Session) or against another single opponent (General Session).

Advances & Building Your Battle PlanEdit

The fastest way to enter into a tourney and generate advances against opponents is by filing your Proxeum/Guild constitution. Inside of the constitution, list your group's Article 9 prime directives. Article 9 is the primary point of interactive exchange between proxeum/guild members of different groups. Once you and your group has prepared your Article 9 document, filed the entire constitution with the SuperWikia Senate Chambers and have made your first dataplate, you may proceed with the competition.

Building Your Battle PlanEdit

Note: SuperWikia strongly encourages a 'safeplay' environment. This entails using a system of 'Inspections and Examinations' to initate its interactive tourney events. Accordingly, each tourney registered Proxeum or Guild is required to allow any solicitation of Inspection (internally administered audit of properties within any one single group or Proxeum/Guild) or Examination (externally administered audit or engagement [also- Bethrothal] of one or more parties not of the same group, Proxeum or Guild) which is made during tourney session. Any articles posted therein will be the responsibility of the Proxeum/Guild and or their members that initially filed the article(s).

SuperWikia Management-SuperWikia Logo Set 03

Following a well structured SuperWikia Battle Plan can mean the difference between success and failure. Below is the prescribed course for creating a successful SuperWikia Battle Plan:

Battleplan Role & Definition
Phase One- Stablize Planetary System This entails filing with the SuperWikia Senate Chambers all required semester activity for the heat.
Phase Two-Target Opposition To do this, you will need to run a series of target searches to locate specific or general categorical profiles.
Phase Three- Access Planetary Defense System All SuperWikia planets are recorded by the Planetarium and have a registered Defense System. Access this by building up your SuperWikia 'Super Enforcers & Super Controllers' Supermodel Ops & Special Forces. The more units you have under your command, the greater possibility of winning the heat.
Phase Four- Protect Your Proxeum/Guild Facilities Protecting your site facilities basically consists of ensuring that all required endicia and other ensignia are located on your user page(s) and or articles. We have a standard template here. SuperWikia 'Standard Proxeum & Guild User Page Template'
Phase Five- Locate and Conduct Surveillance Launch campaigns can be observed more efficently by using premptive measures such as surveillance. This entails sorting through your search data and matching formidable opponents to challenge. Remember that they might be subdued and may have allies, so collect as much data before confronting.
Phase Six- Engage Opposition Entering into a berth or bethrothal session can be the most invigorating experience for a new member. This usually is conducted by posting your intent on the opposition's properties; (user page, articles, dataplates, exhibits, etc.) anything that is not secured by the appropriate endicia/ensignia/decals. Violations and other action may be incurred if the opponent does already have the appropriate markings.
Phase Seven- Scrimmage Securing all of your work is key to your group's success. Scrimmaging means that you will have to re-group before the heat is over. Once you have scrimmaged with your group, report all activity that you or your team has conducted before your Proxeum/Guild.
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