'Supermodel Superpowers- Dataplate'

This page is designated for the development of enhanced usage of 'SuperWikia Supermodel Superpowers'. Its intent is to create the groundwork and basic outlay for conference grade and certified offensive (amplitudinal) and defensive (aptitudinal) routines.

Building Your Superwikia Supermodel Superpowers Dataplate

To compete on the Superpower level, you will need a Superpowers dataplate. When building your dataplate, a minimum required capability is needed as a default during competition. Below is a functonal version of a Supermodel Superpower dataplate. The minimum requirement dataplate components are:

SuperWikia Logo Set 02SuperWikia Supermodel Superpowers Dataplate
Supermodel's Name'
Supermodel's Name
Stealth Capabilities: Includes aerial flight, teleportation, super strength
Technical Specialties: Includes Self defense, trapese arts, advanced martial arts
Ancilliary Powers: Spy sight and hearing (telescopic), transparency (invisibility), assault support (air support)
Power Plant: Any point establishing a supermodel's powers/rite of passage; (suns, bloodline, amulets, etc.)
Level of Leadership: Basically, how many articles have been submitted on behalf. (see also; SuperWikia 'Endicia')
Enhanced Abilities: A single 'special' power which separates the supermodel from all others.
Special Recognition: A showcase or spotlight of engagements and battles with opposition, (see also;Lead Opposition or SuperWikia 'Revelations')
Supermodel's Sponsoring Proxeum or Guild Name of the submitting author's proxeum or guild (links to userpage are optional).

Recalibrating Dataplate Power: Superpower Booster Plates

Enhancing your Supermodel's superpowers can be done by different versions of this dataplate known as Superpower Booster Plates; which outline in more detail, each component of your Supermodel's capabilities. The more booster plates your Supermodel uses, then the more probable that they would win the berth.

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