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Newly Empowered CampaignsEdit

150px Sindy Barbareno is a very popular supertaunt CameraRay actress within the Solosphere. Her curiculla includes productions for all major streamworks and teleputer syndicates.

Origins of the Supergen Edit

Barbareno's history as an actress developed from her time as a Super Enforcer and later as a tourney case representative, she has a very bright background in digital productions for drama and law.

Database ContributionsEdit

Barbareno has also directed an entire playlist of productions, all in the signature high-end action drama platform that has made her very famous.

Names & FacesEdit

Business Mogul Jason Zacharhy Berthgamble and his wife Knowles Berthgamble bought the production company that produces Barbareno's material, making her an offical member of the Berthgamble family of highly successful artists.

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