This page is designated for the SuperWikia 'Superville' page, a section for the development and construction of SuperWikia original high schools, high school scripts and all other categories of high school life.

Superville 1.0

Welcome to SupervilleEdit

powered in part by; Superville at Google Logo 1.0

Superville; the ideal high school environment and administration for all of your SuperWikia High School functions. Superville is a member of the SuperWikia PRE-COL summit for educational standards.

Superville Semi-Tourney EventsEdit

Below are the Permenant Conferences for the Superville Semi-Tourney events. Each conference is inter-dependent of all others, meaning that a party or school may particpate in one without being obligated to contribute to the others.

There are two general categories for entry,

  1. SuperWikia 'Superville; Realtime Semi-Tourney' and
  2. SuperWikia 'Superville; Runtime Semi-Tourney' events.

Realtime is for all schools submitting articles for schools that they currently or have attended in the past. Runtime is for schools submitting articles established solely by 3D scripting and artistry. As a rule of tourney, each school must be able to produce 3D images to support each article submitted. Articles without supporting images may not be accepted for semi-tourney.

Superville Semi-Tourney ConferencesEdit

Superville; Scholastic Senate ChambersEdit

Superville; Teams & SportsEdit

  1. Superville; Sports Update
  2. Superville; Team Reports
  3. Superville; Athelete Showcase
  4. Superville; Prospect & Recruiter Interviews
  5. Superville; Leaderboard Mascots Competition
  6. Superville; Educator PRE-COL Sports Conferences
  7. Superville; School Pep Rally Schedules

Superville; Aesthetics LabEdit

Superville; Popular CultureEdit

Superville; Entertainers

Superville; Low Rider & Car CompetitionEdit

  1. Superville; Sedan Competitions
  2. Superville; Trick Car & Low Rider Competitions
  3. Superville; Auto-Audio System Competitions
  4. Superville; Pyrotechnic & Smokeshop Competitions
  5. Superville; Lumes & Lightshow Competitions
  6. Superville; Eye Candy & Paint Job Competitions
  7. Superville; Specialized & Exotic Car Competitions

Superville; Electronic GameshopEdit

Superville; Supermodel ShowcaseEdit

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