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SuperWikia 'Terazines' is a Shorty. Dot the SuperWikia Runtime Logo

This page is a general directory of all SuperWikia Terazines; defined as a periodical or other frequently released literature, especially to the SuperWikia general public. The more popular types of terazines fall within one of the classes below:

  1. Supergen Terazines
  2. Exploitation Terazines
  3. Leisure & Teleputer Terazines
  4. Political Comedy Terazines
  5. Adult & Mature Terazines
  6. Transpod Terazines
  7. Special Interest Terazines

One popular expliot terazine was the 'SuperWikia Terabyte'; a take-off of the official SuperWikia news which became a graphic montage' of anything bizarre or unusual. The 'Terabyte' feature stories of ghosts, Un-Identified Flying Objects (UFO's), religious and cult observances and other similar stories. The terazine eventually went out of business due to managerial issues and gave over its publishing rights to Digimasq Publishing, who has yet to release a revised edition of the terazine.

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