SuperWikia 'Tips & Cheats'Edit

This page is designated for SuperWikia 'Tips & Cheats'; a simplfied guide for all SuperWikia PREREQ and Tourney activities. To use this guide, just follow the directions below and work with the following:

Start Up DrillsEdit

SuperWikia Start Up Drills are easy. They help the user/author become more familar with their operating environment and establish the building blocks for competing. they basically are:

  • Structure a Group Calendar-

By using a calendar for all of your group members, you allow more liberties to be exchanged and responsibilites are more easily distributed. Construct your calendar the same way you have built your group's campaign; by using categories and other designators. This will help locate your entries and events when your calendar events are due to occur. We have provided a simple calendar for your proxeum/guild to use which automatically categorizes your events based upon your article page. Simply use the code in the editing [suite] which generates:

    • Calendar Code-


  • Tourney Itiniaries-

Create a Tourney Itiniary for you group. By knowing in advance where your group's focus areas will be, you can maximize your campaign's impact.

  • Article Continuity-

When building your group's Strategy Plan, try using the 'transcribes'. This pre-assembled classification components produce more effective results in your final categorization scoring.

Its and unwritten rule, but when doing your tourney 'inspections and examinations', use the rank insignia to benchmark your performance. A guideline for rank accumulation is located here.

Table RoutinesEdit

SuperWikia 'Table Routines' create a more streamline atmosphere for users and groups via the availability of data compiled in their customized dataplates. The principle behind the table routines reinforces pivotal areas of tourney competition:

  • Buildup Mode-

Buildup mode allows users to reserve a space or 'reservation' for the page or article to be built. This feature is temporary and does not count or establish a legitimate article for tourney scoring.

  • Routine Inspections-

During tourney tours, your group 'examines' other groups articles and postings for various substaniating material. But your group must under go an 'inspection'. Routine inspection of all submitted articles and images is very important and can determine if your group's status is active or inactive. You can see all of your articles and images at the My Contribution link at the top of your wiki page.

  • All Submissions Tables-

On your user page, create a category link to an 'All Submissions Table' for your group. It should look something like this: Category:'Name of Group-(Proxeum or Guild); All Submissions'. This will provide more flexiblity during PREREQ and give your group leverage to select Semester & Strategic Plan electives.

  • Notices & Tips-

Instead of opening up a new berth or campaign, you may wish to just comment on another's article or images. Use the 'Discussion Tab' on your wiki on the page of the article or image that you wish to showcase or comment. This is good for diplomatic relations between proxeums, guilds and processions.

Adding Your New MaterialEdit

  • Start With A Storyboard-

All legends need a beginning, middle and an end. Create a storyboard for your Supermodels and the Characters that revolve around them. This will give you a greater understanding of your progression as you interact and build relationships.

  • Topic Specific Images & Media-

When you add new media, remember to use 'Topic Specific Images & Media'. Support your Supermodels, articles, props, and other scene based material by using images that illustrate a specific topic or plot. This gives your storyboard greater stability and structure.

Poll RoutinesEdit

Leaderboard Check-InsEdit

Exercise RoutinesEdit

When using SuperWikia's material, you may need a general guide to use to help you develop your proxeum's methodology. Below are a few tips to help you, as provided by Tyler, a SuperWikia Spokesperson:

Tyler (SuperWikia Spokesperson)

  1. SuperWikia Logo Set 06 Tyler Tip Box:' "Supercorps and ficticious businesses are electives for authors that wish to develop more complex scripts. Go to SuperWikia Supercorps & Ficticious Businesses to look for Supercorps that you may want to work with."
  2. SuperWikia Logo Set 06 Tyler Tip Box:' "Typical members use the search feature to look up information on particular subjects. Browsing is another way of familarizing with the material available. Use the sidebar menu on the left to browse more areas faster."
  3. SuperWikia Logo Set 06 Tyler Tip Box:' "Accessing the Soloshpere is the main objective during tourneys. Prequisites are needed for qualification and entry, so reducing probable contestation between other members. Go to PREREQ (Start Here) to see the major criterion for the Solosphere."
  4. SuperWikia Logo Set 06 Tyler Tip Box:' "Proxeums are Runtime schools for authors and members that wish to develop their craft. They can help greatly in building your final tourney score. Go to SuperWikia Proxeums & Guild Academies to see existing Proxeums or go to SuperWikia 'Proxeums & Guild- Constitution' to see about starting a new one."
  5. SuperWikia Logo Set 06 Tyler Tip Box:' "Labs are a working term for submitting articles. Some groups may submit large volumes of articles and exhibits to be used for that particular heat. Labs may also be used to submit tutorials used to educate members about techniques and authoring tools. Go to The SuperWikia Aesthetics Lab to submit an article or tutorial for your group."
  6. SuperWikia Logo Set 06 Tyler Tip Box:' "Endicia and decals are used during heats to distinguish active status of an exhibit or group while contesting an article or rite of passage. Endicia is generally for officer tenure and promotion, while decals are for components or entire divisions that host the officers. Go to Supermodel Ops & Special Forces to see the different levels of Endicia available."
  7. SuperWikia Logo Set 06 Tyler Tip Box:' "Semester Electives are line item billets used by members to benchmark against an opponent or potential rivial group or proxeum. Electives establish a spectrum of options for your team to cover by submitting articles that relate to the topics or subjects. This protects your team during the tourney and gives you leverage against opposition arguements. Go to SuperWikia 'Semester Electives' to see more about build a semester and chosing electives ."
  8. SuperWikia Logo Set 06 Tyler Tip Box:' "SuperWikia 'Supermodel Superpowers' are generally the most important part of Bio-Engineering. They differentiate your Supermodels and establish a greater since of regulatory power over your scripts. When incorporating superpowers, remember to classify the powers using a dataplate. This will serve as a support for future bio-engineering developments for your supermodel. Go to SuperWikia 'Supermodel Superpowers' o see further tips on developing your powers ."
  9. SuperWikia Logo Set 06 Tyler Tip Box:' "Trial Team Events are the next level up on the tourney circuit after the Starter Teams. Trial teams have a slightly higher commitment and articles must be more developed that Starter team articles. On average, the article/exhibit commitment for a Trial team is approximately 78 to 104 articles per heat. Go to Solosphere Trial Team Events to see more."
  10. SuperWikia Logo Set 06 Tyler Tip Box:' "Adding up you submissions can eventually earn you a promotion. SuperWikia recognizes its members that submit voluminous articles and exhibits by offering promotions to Internal Postions such as a Bureaucrat or even SysOp status. Go to Super Wikia:Administrators to find out about internal promotions."
  11. SuperWikia Logo Set 06 Tyler Tip Box:' "Projects are similar to labs but allow groups to incorporate two or morew labs into one. A project may also be a large scale campaign divided into smaller parts. Or they may simply have the title for extra credit. Most SuperWikia projects are geared towards a mass majority of users. Your group may wish to host a project also. Got to SuperWikia 'Project- Evolution 2000' to see an example of how to structure a project for your group or Supermodel."
  12. SuperWikia Logo Set 06 Tyler Tip Box:' "Leisure Sciences are basically an abbreviated distance learning course for media. It is an art appreciation extra credit during tourney events and helps to build user portfolios and profiles. The SuperWikia Leisure Lab establishes a basic guideline for creating your own leisure science media library and allows you to use a mature, conservative approach during tourney events."
  13. SuperWikia Logo Set 06 Tyler Tip Box:' "Earthbred is a formal exposition dedicated to the planet Earth. Its SuperWikia origins establish Earth as an official protectorate planet, with full immunity from space wars and known circumstance. The Earthbred also provides all member nations the opportunity to share its own interrpretation of Earth, its governments and historical content. Go to SuperWikia Earthbred Expo to see if your favorite country is part of the Earthbred and if leading authoring opportunities are still available."
  14. SuperWikia Logo Set 06 Tyler Tip Box:' "Supermodels are the keynote figures of your profile. Whether you are a beginner author or a professional freelance tourney underwriter, Supermodels represent your profile just as a keyboard or central processing unit. During tourney events, you are allowed to tweak and hone in to your groups internal functions by using your Supermodels as Super Delegates, allocating storyboards, dialogue, images, ecetera to support your major campaign theme. Each step of the campaign, boost you Supermodel and they will boost your overall score. Go to SuperWikia 'Supermodel Delegates- Female Supermodels' to submit your Supermodel articles and exhibits ."
  15. SuperWikia Logo Set 06 Tyler Tip Box:' "Starting a new chapter in your tourney consists of building up your berth rate. Accordingly; your Proxeum or Guild should file its own Storyboard to serve as a guide for all of your minor characters and story plots. Berths are established by charting with whom your Proxeum/Guild will be contesting and mapping out your own tourney itiniary. Go to Supermodel Ops & Special Forces 'Engagement Registry' to see a functional dataplate for recording your group's berths."
  16. SuperWikia Logo Set 06 Tyler Tip Box:' "The Teledeck is a location to submit and to research BioStill and other Runtime Personality data. Biographies, current project and other important character based material are generally found in the Teledeck. Your Proxeum/Guild receives extra points during tourneys when your BioStills are in circulation. Go to The SuperWikia Teledeck to submit all of your Supermodel data and vital stats."
  17. SuperWikia Logo Set 06 Tyler Tip Box:' "Articles found within the SuperWikia collection usually are judged according to their structure and their material content. SuperWikia has provided a standardized template for authors and Proxeums/Guilds that wish to maximize their points during toruney events. Using SuperWikia Standardize dataplates and Templates increase the member's visability and saturation when compared to submissions that do not use them. Go to SuperWikia 'Standard Article Page Template' to view and use the standardized article template."
  18. SuperWikia Logo Set 06 Tyler Tip Box:' "Pictures and images increase your scoring and storyboard development. Video and other media also increase your points but may be harder to construct and publish. Go to SuperWikia 'Digital Domain Template' and to SuperWikia 'Software Program ID Directory' file and register each software or program you used to render your Realtime works, images or video. This helps establish your credentials of being a member and credits towards all contributing campaigns."
  19. SuperWikia Logo Set 06 Tyler Tip Box:' "Learning about SuperWikia can be just as interesting as being a member. For more tips and quick help on any SuperWikia topic, go to SuperWikia 'Tips & Cheats'."
  20. SuperWikia Logo Set 06 Tyler Tip Box:' "Exploring a planet or a new world can be a heavy task. But did you know that SuperWikia supplies you with mostly all the things you will be needing to explore the planets in its own Planetarium? SuperWikia has over 70 different worlds with many more being discovered, by members and talented Proxeums and Guilds. Go to The SuperWikia Planetarium or go to SuperWikia 'SIS Settlement Territorial Agreement Provision' to see more on what options are available for your membership development."
  21. SuperWikia Logo Set 06 Tyler Tip Box:' "Ships and spacestations can easily earn your team a swift victory. A well constructed and armed craft can compile on average at least 365 articles to be submitted. From sub-fleet craft to fully staffed ranks and formations, you can see how powerful a spaceship can be. To submit your own spacecrafts or spacestations go to The SuperWikia Engineering Deck and use the appropriate sections to complete your article(s)."
  22. SuperWikia Logo Set 06 Tyler Tip Box:' "Shielding your campaign is essential during the tourney process. You and your Proxeum/Guild are subject to loss of any filed article or exhibit for the duration of the heat in which it was lost if adequate shielding and inventory is not kept. When participating in a tourney, remember to check for the Superwikia-ArchCities Data Shield Logo 1.0 on all of your dataplates and or in the lower most area on each article that you submit."
  23. SuperWikia Logo Set 06 Tyler Tip Box:' "Taking other Proxeum/Guild supported surveys is a healthy way to make allies. If you see a survey or poll on another Proxeum's userpage or article, take it. It will help to build your relations and create and new alliance for your two groups."
  24. SuperWikia Logo Set 06 Tyler Tip Box:' "Acension within the Solosphere will give you insight into your group's SuperWikia 'Supermodel Resume' Bank'. Your resume' is a very powerful tool in building your 3D Supermodel's career within the Solosphere. With each new assignment, your Supermodel will become more employable to prospecting Supercorps and even Realtime sponsors. Make sure that a link to a copy of your resume' is on your userpage, your Proxeum/Guild userpage and especially on your Supermodel's profile page. Go to SuperWikia 'Supermodel Resume' Bank' to view a standard template for a functional resume' ."
  25. SuperWikia Logo Set 06 Tyler Tip Box:' "Posting images and other media is probably the most exciting part of SuperWikia. But did you know that media has to be 'SUPERIZED' ? This means that if an image or other media is submitted for tourney events, it most 'conform' with the media submission policy of SuperWikia. Go to the SuperWikia Dataplate Library to see the types of visual aids considered appropriate for submitting media for tourneys."

Below are a few 'Suggested Tips' Dataplates to use during your tourney.

  1. Supermodel Dataplates
  2. Tourney Itiniary Dataplates
  3. Assignment & Mission Dataplates
  4. Planets, Astroids & Moons Dataplates
  5. Lifeforce, Datashield, Decal & Endicia Dataplates
  6. Earthbred Expo Dataplates
  7. Ships & Vessels Dataplates
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