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Superpedia Definition & Technical IntroductionEdit

Destroyer Legionnaire; a large and potent vessel used for deep space battle and other offsite tourneys, it is much smaller than a Oversize Stealth Engagement, yet is reinforced with extra service areas, tactical bays, armaments and other ancilliary support to give it an advantageous positioning during tourney events; a large battlestar vessel.

SIS Definitions:Edit

The SIS hosts up to seven different sub-classes for this vessel, with the larger class listed first:

  1. Superintendant
  2. Executive
  3. Legionnaire
  4. Protector
  5. Administrator
  6. Tourney Master
  7. Sloak


Sta Supra with Sloak Star Destroyer (USS Ebonyia) SIS Sloak Star Destroyer- 'Ebonyia' SuperWikia USS SIS- 'Transcribe Ascendant' (Sloak Star Destroyer Class)

Explanation Within the Philabrone ProcessEdit

A Destroyer Legionnaire is generally categorized as an Enhanced Logic term, with emphasis on Schedules: as defind by Superpedia's required calendars of 52, 12, or 7 cyclic yearly activities of any given Assembly..

  • To Summarize: Its usage is a basic requirement in building semester tourneys and SIS property development.

Logic Dating (Term Usage Contributions & References)Edit


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