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Superpedia Definition & Technical IntroductionEdit

Nationalist Sentinel or Sentinel; a service grade EPAO personnel member under solveig oath to serve and protect Administrative and Senatorial Bodies while abroad or on extented details in foriegn regions and envoy missions, as established by the SIS SuperWikia Supermodel Ops & Special Forces ; a secret service agent or police retained by one of seven military components;

  • SuperWikia Spec Forces (Black Space Defense)Black Space Forces
  • SuperWikia Spec Forces (Reserves)Reserve Army & Marine Forces
  • SuperWikia Spec Forces- Air Defense Air Defense Forces
  • SuperWikia Spec Forces (Naval Forces)Naval Forces
  • Department of Defense Adm.
  • SuperWikia Spec Forces (Office of Defense)Office of Defense Secretary Adm.
  • National Security Office Adm.

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Explanation Within the Philabrone ProcessEdit

A Nationalist Sentinel is generally categorized as an Enhanced Logic term, with emphasis on Schedules: as defind by Superpedia's required calendars of 52, 12, or 7 cyclic yearly activities of any given Assembly..

  • To Summarize: Its usage is a basic requirement in building semester tourneys and SIS property development.

Logic Dating (Term Usage Contributions & References)Edit


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