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Superpedia Definition & Technical IntroductionEdit

Lessleptolism; a rare genetic post-decadential skin disorder in which the total skin map is transpostulated into a different ethinic classification. Generally, an entire lineage is affected, with up to four (4) lineal generations being exposed to the disorder. Atrocine prognosis indicate that the condition is caused by intermmitent dormancy (stasis) while in route on certain space relocation/transmigration to other terraformed regions. The condition does not pose immediate physical harm and is not considered contagious or communal.

See; SuperWikia 'Strategies- Blackplate Strategies' under: Basis of Study- Systematic Exploitation Classifications *SIS Amplitudinal POP-ADM Classification

Explanation Within the Philabrone ProcessEdit

A supply envoy is generally categorized as an Enhanced Logic term, with emphasis on Schedules: as defind by Superpedia's required calendars of 52, 12, or 7 cyclic yearly activities of any given Assembly..

  • To Summarize: Its usage is a basic requirement in building semester tourneys and SIS property development.

Logic Dating (Term Usage Contributions & References)Edit


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