SuperWikia Alpha has a standing policy for developers that want to use any of its internet and web-based applications on a freelance/independent basis. These guidelines are derived and built around the SuperWikia Alpha Codebase and its user site, wish creates a greater scope within the SuperWikia Knowledgebase and various other aspects of the consumer division.

These rulesets are derived from the SuperWikia site 'System_Reference- Artwork' library. Its intent is to provide a basis management process for all authorized content released under the SuperWikia tradename and or its collective copyrights.

Within the following pages, images and instructions on size limitations, technical specifications, additive & adulteration, packaging, legal disclosures, end user licensing and support will be addressed for all certified content usage. SuperWikia is a non-profit organization which works with public and private entities in establishing community-friendly programs and technological opportunities. SuperWikia does not openly endorse the usage of its content for general commercial distribution, nor does it seek to encroach upon the artistic and mechanical licensing of its associate contributors.

Size LimitationsEdit

All content (herein known as 'SuperWikia System Reference Artwork or SuperWikia Wiki Content ') located in the designated download pages of any affiliate SuperWikia site is to be distinctly labeled with the exact dimensional sizes provided by the site operator or webmaster. Listed herein is the size limitation on all authenticated content recognized by SuperWikia.

SuperWikia Size Dimensions for Web Images
Sub-Sized Wiki Content: Typically used for favicons or other small sized usage
Tiny-Sized Wiki Content: Generally used for flags, inline icons, etc.
Article-Sized Wiki Content: The normal, uniformed size image file for articles
Portrait-Sized Wiki Content: Any picture which is within the standard size of the image file article page
Landscape-Sized Wiki Content: A large frameless image
Extra-Large-Sized Wiki Content: All framed images which overlap page boundaries
Special-Sized Wiki Content: Any special wiki image typically for site layouts or category trees.
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Technical SpecificationsEdit

Additive & AdulterationEdit


Legal DisclosuresEdit

End User LicensingEdit


Community content is available under CC-BY-SA unless otherwise noted.