SuperWikia Ancient Tribes; Battle Clans of the Oleskol- 'Roth'

Roth This page is designated for the Battle Clans of the Oleskol- 'Roth' ; a great warrior of the planet Skol who led his clan and followers into one of the largest governments the world had ever seen. Surrounded by mthological beings and beautiful female consorts, Roth is one of the great leaders of the Oleskol; a people bound together by their rites of passage into the new world and their unrelenting drive for progress.

Roth vs. Van RuEdit

As most ancient mythology, Roth has a great opponent with very formidable qualities and characteristics; Roth's arch-nemisis is Van Ru. Also a leader of people and clansmen, Van Ru grew up in the same village as Roth, and were close confidants on the battlefield. But a dark witch came between them and cast a spell to make them legendary opponents.

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