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Techazulu Temple City of Ren da' Ashantibra'

Introduction to the Techazulu NationEdit

The ancient tribe known as The Techzulu are a warring people with a sincere culture rooted in developing their civilization. Situated in the jungle and outskirts of the desert regions, the Techazulu use the natural resources of their environment to build their empire of warriors and trade.

Nations Under the ZuluEdit

As many other tribes, the Techazulu were originally an offshoot of the larger Zulu Nation; a relationship which saw many wars with neighboring and opposing tribes and people. The Zulu Nation had its own relationship and a mystical aura about it which was present in many of its sub-nations, including the Techazulu. This mystical power was filled with sourcery, black magic, witchcraft and the mother of all occult practice; voodoo.

Orders of the ForcesEdit

The Techazulu were a simple people with great leadership. Although the tribes origins were from the deepest parts of the jungle, they hosted many heirlooms and traditions which were adopted by cultures many centuries later.

Segmentation of the TribesEdit

The tribes composition was based upon seven (7) general classes of warrior:

  • The Shield Bearers
  • The Tribe Fighters
  • The Ashanti Bearers
  • The Pole Bearers
  • The Leader
  • The Elders
  • The Scribes

The warriors would go on periodic hunting trips to scout the perimeter of their camps called the Scapee, in which they would create a great diversion to direct any trespasser away from their camps. Scapees also entailed hunting for food in the jungle to take back to the tribe.

Diversity & Skills of WeaponryEdit

The warriors all were trained at an early age to use a weapon, generally the weapon of their household or towjo. Their are several groups of weapons exercised by the tribe which are as followed:

  • Spears & Swords
  • Traps & Restraints
  • Ashanti Knives
  • Poles & Poco Sticks
  • Leopards & Fighting Animals
  • Elixers & Gases
  • Sling Shots & Shooting Arrows

A typical young male cadet was inducted into the ranks of the warrior at the age of 13, at which time they would go through a series of tests with others of the same age known as the Burrows. Once a young candidate completes all of the physical tests and obsticle courses, they would show their skill in weaponry.

Neighbors & OppositionEdit

The Techazulu face opposition from both man and nature. In nature, they were confronted by dangerous animals and had to defend their lives against the threat of being attacked. Such creatures in nature include:

  • Snakes
  • Tigers
  • Apes
  • Pirranas
  • Lions
  • Electric Eels
  • Scorpions

In dealing with potential or actual man-made threats, the tribes generally had to use their skills to fend off the attacks. Typical strategies used by the tribesmen include:

  • Blow vs Blow (Hand to Hand)
  • Raids
  • Assaults
  • New Challenge (Takeover Bids)
  • Deadlock Battles
  • Open Battles
  • New Hunts

Althought the fighting was very dangerous and even deadly, the rewards prove to compliment the tribes and all of the tribes people based upon how strong the opposition was and what the winning tribe could take as a bounty. Generally, awards were classified according to the following systems:

  • New Lands
  • Order & Governance System
  • Dress, Jewelry & Gold
  • Negotiation Power/Assembly
  • Army Strength/Manpower
  • Rank & Authority
  • Beautiful Consorts/Bridesmaids

Ancient Ceremonies & ObservationsEdit

Resources & Rich HistoriesEdit


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