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The Ladies of Powdery; - A SuperWikia Confederates: Powdery- (The Confederate Home) article.

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Beginning ArticleEdit

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  • The Ladies of Powdery are the Confederate's rendition of the 'First Lady'; generally the wife of the President or Vice President. Althought their are many different other tenures of 'Ladies', the highest tenure is of the Presidency.

Rites of Passage & the Ladies of PowderyEdit

Unlike the Republic counterparts, the First Lady (and Second Lady, respectfully) have an empowerment of governance within the legislature. This give a second vote to the office supporting any decisionswhich may have been passed by the President. 'Madame President' is the proper title when addressing a Lady of Powdery. Below is brief background of the first seven 'Ladies of Powdery' and the posts in which they exercised.

Admonishment of the Ladies of PowderyEdit

As a note, it is not polite to argue with females, especially in office. This form of diplomacy won favor in the Confederacy and became the epicenter of most of the major military campaigns. Admonishing the President while in office is considered the most highly respected form of subjugation. The Ladies of Powdery exercised this procedure very well.

Noblilty of the Ladies of PowderyEdit

Domestics and the Ladies of PowderyEdit

The Tarquttees of the Confederacy The archicotype of the Lady of Powdery is known as a 'Tarquttee' (pronounced Tar & Ket as in target). These very powerful and provocative women were known for their seductive ways of keeping gentleman company; or more defind as being prostitutes. A tarquttee is very distinct and considered high society governesses over the lower class properties of the Confederacy; yet they fought diligently for their own political voice. Decesending from a long line of tarqutteetry, the women were deeply rooted in the larger plantations and properties and known as being women of scandal; using their bodies as political instruments to manipulate opposition. It was considered taboo for a politician to be seen with the tarquttees, yet they have historically been known to frequent their establishments under conspicous circumstances.

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