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Bosstile; - A SuperWikia Confederates: Powdery- (The Confederate Home) article.

Beginning ArticleEdit

Bosstile is the Military Capitol of the Inter-Continental Black Confederacy. It was founded by 'Sheraton Bosstile'; a senior military officer of The Solitare; a fortified military prison camp on the perimeter of the city.

Records of BosstileEdit

Bosstile is a city with several smaller military academies which train new and senior-grade noblemen in the fields of leadership and administration. These 'Proxeums' are the cornerstone of the city's governance, providing tourist attractions in the offseason and notable donations from Supercorp contributors. Bosstile has deployed the largest officer deployment of all Confederate member bodies. With several large infirmaries on the outskirts of the city's wall embankment, it deploys a large class of soldiers each cycle into onsite and offsite assignments each semester. Below is a general overview of the proxeum system and the academies that supports its branches.

Army History of BosstileEdit

The city hosts manufacturing plants and factories of military goods and equipment; although not the largest supplier in the Confederate, it only provides for officer class and security clearance grade parties. During the 33rd Continental Tourney, the increase of manufacturing was up by 75% normal output. War and battle is very good for the city's economy.

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