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Ancient Jillies; - A SuperWikia Confederates: Powdery- (The Confederate Home) article.

Beginning ArticleEdit

Ancient Jillies An asteroid belt of Rogue colonies formed during the Rebellion; also known as the 'Piracracy' Capitol.

Records of the Ancient JilliesEdit

Historical records show that the first pirates of the Piracracy Revolutionist Party were forced into exile after the Burlington Proxeum tourney. The strongest and most organized of the Revolutionists left the Protectorate (or Confederacy Lands) and were forced into the un-inhabited caves of the Ancient Jillies. Shortly after the relocation, their Supercorps recieved their location and sent in a terraformer corps to treat most of the belt. There are approximately 360 habitable properties in the Ancients.

Army History of the AncientsEdit

Non-incorporated body of pirates, mercenaries and other criminals at large flocked to the Ancients to trade their wares and crafts. This established the Ancients as being a hotspot of the Confederate's black market. Retired soldiers from the Confederate also took up land as their military training was still of good use in the Ancient's Piracracy governance. Forces of non-commissioned officers became stronger and stronger until a state of declaration was passed granting commodations via the Ancient Jillies Senate Administration. The Rogue and city of Powdery now recognize the Ancient Jillies as being an official statehood of the Confederate.

New Providentials (Cities)Edit

Approximately 700 cities or 'Providentials' call the Ancient Jillies their homeland. These cities were populated mostly during the revolution and spawn a very large industrial sector. Being that the lands were to small to be called planets, mining was banned past 1/4 a mile deep into the crust(except for gas and gas-based products). The major source of revenue is coke (ore and steel mining). Although it is highly regulated because of the ban, it still provides a healthy alternative to the Ancient's nuclear industry, which has seen many unfortunate economic developments.

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