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Birth of A Rogue; - A SuperWikia Confederates: Powdery- (The Confederate Home) article.

Beginning ArticleEdit

Birth of A Rogue is the coordinate phrase title of the 'Rebellion'; a gigantic civil war between the Confederate Forces and the Revolutionists. It was started by fallen soldiers of the Confederate forces who were dismembered from the Confederate when they were deep in enemy territory. This division created a sub-culture of para-military campaigns which eventually led to the 'Piracracy', a mid-sized; non-incorporated body of pirates, mercenaries and other criminals at large.

Records of the RogueEdit

Historical records show that the first pirates of the Piracracy were borne from The Bosstile Technical Infantry Academy at Burlington and The Bosstile Academy at Negrotaunt descent. They were well trained and provided unto in the arts of military sciences and tactics. They practiced etiqutte and displyed a high esteem for the governance and its properties. But during a large tourney just before the 33rd, the Academy was elected by the Confederate to serve as the leader of the Newly formed Revolutionist Party. This was the Birth of A Rogue.

Army History of the RogueEdit

Many soldiers have fallen at the hand of the Rogue, and many lands have been plundered and looted by its superior exploits. Yet the Rogue has seen many losses which had seemed to be the 'last days' of its administration. Political scandals, trade intercepts and other acts of the Rogue have embedded its reputation as being the single most powerful threat to the stability of the Confederacy. With its forces at approximately one forth (1/4) of any other established and incorporated party, it has proven its place on the battlefield.

New Power RevolutionistsEdit

A small group of elite Rogues left the protectorate and formed a regieme named 'The New Power Revolutionist'. This Administrative grade governance relocated and formed the Rogue's Capitol in the Ancient Jillies, an offsite colonial property. This new property was well known by the merchants and other travellers within that region as being a very politically unstable area, and stayed away from it.

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