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The Sarasoldjah Mandate is an administrative law brought forward by the Inter-Continental Black Confederacy. It was originally based upon a theatrical work created by a political teacher named Santamange with the title; El Nog. It was later entitled the Santa Clause do to the mandate's technical clauses and policy adjustments that it would exercise during every new resolution. Its intent was to deter and offset the effects of the insolvent lower class properties which consistently threatened the lives and well being of the Administration and their families.

Records of the MandateEdit

The mandate established a very harsh rule against the populus in which it was administered. Only officers and case workers were encouraged to enter into the mandated areas, yet many did not take heed to the warning. The mandates did deter random criminal acts, but the epicenter became a cauldron of criminal organizations and terrorism. Certain conditions of the mandate included: Conditions of the Mandate-

  1. Secured Crime Zone Taxation (SCZ); used to create a perimeter for enforcement officers to police known and suspected cases. The zone became active (mobile) when a case moved outside of the perimeter; creating an increase in criminal activity.
  2. Explicit Material Possession & Usage Taxation (EM-PUT); excise taxes on explicit material, including illegal technologies, weapons, drugs and human sex trade trafficing. Many police officers became corrupt because of this tax, creating small 'gangs' in which they would carve off profits from the revenue of illegal trafficing.
  3. Laborforce Order of Stay Taxation (LOST); generally stated that any persons residing in the SCZ zone electing to seek employment or remain employed past 3 months would be made subject to exuberant taxation against any property and or savings. Anyone seeking to relinquish their employment were pronounced under a stay of amnesty and would not be finalized under the tax.
  4. Poverty Protection Taxation (PPT); established a mandatory 85% exclusive claim against any and all subsidized revenue to be used on exclusive services; (medical coverage, housing, treatment plans, etc.).
  5. Armed Services Protection Taxation; opened a state of immunity for recruitment aged parties and their families. It basically provides a protective order to be released while under contract to perform specific duties to the military. It also allowed military personnel to acquire Mandate Bonds, a program which enforced police actions within the SCZ perimeters.
  6. Testing & Criminal Surveillance Protection Taxation (TACS); used by medical practitioners and case workers. The initial directives were to create viable alternative medicines for known social conditions and diseases. The tax soon became a breeding ground for undocumented workers and officer impersonators who conducted warrantless surveillance and spy pyramids; generating large sums of untaxed revenue and eventually capsizing the revenue base of the SCZ.
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