Bay & Deck Data

Seaships & Air VesselsEdit

Use this section to list all Seaship & Airship data that your proxeum or group may have. Include links to images and article information if needed.

Transporter, Locators & Communication DevicesEdit

This section is for Transporters, Locators & Communication Devices that your proxeum of group uses or produces. Include galley images and links as necessary.

Armories, Weapons & Shielding SystemsEdit

Some proxeums specialize in Black Plate Administration; meaning they use Armories, Weapons & Shielding Systems in a majority of their articles. Use this section to submit your proxeum or group's links to your Blackplate images and article submissions.

Powerplants, Amplifiers & Mass EnergyEdit

Use this section to submit your proxeum's Powerplants, Amplifiers & Mass Energy links to image galleries and exhibits. This may include Offsite Engine Bays, Power Stations and any other type of engineering.

SIS Image Tech Spec
Superwikia 'Supercorp Divisories; (Organization Component)- State-Continental Industrials Facility
Superwikia 'Supercorp Divisories; (Organization Component)- Transport Lightspeed Carrier Facility
Superwikia 'Supercorp Divisories; (Organization Component)- Aerospace-Lana Sands Genetics Facility
Poststellar Courier System Facility
Superwikia 'Supercorp Divisories; (Organization Component)- Poststellar Courier System Facility
Lana Lakes Aerospace Facility (Isiessi Engine)
Superwikia 'Supercorp Divisories; (Organization Component)- Lana Lakes Aerospace Facility'
Superwikia 'Supercorp Divisories; (Organization Component)- Energy-Garrison Facility
Superwikia 'Supercorp Divisories; (Organization Component)- Seven Solar Systems Facility

Land VehiclesEdit

This section is for submitting your proxeum or group's Land Vehicle links to articles or images. Any 2D or 3D images which could be categorized as a land vehicle should be included.

Emergency, Medical & Life SupportEdit

Mostly all deep space stations and larger sized space ship have medical facilities. Use this section to submit links to your proxeum or group's gallery or articles on medical and life support systems.

Spacecraft & Deep Space StationsEdit

This section is for links to Spacecraft & Deep Space Station illustrations and articles.

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