STA Apostacies (The Dark Side of Habatchii)

The fall of the great STA was at hand. Various solarstates and their representative had withdrawn their loyalties and revenue streams from the galactic tradepools. Planetary infrastructures were led into utter ruins as the Tapestry itself was fading away. Both the Blackplate and Whiteplate Administrations were called before the Motherplate Magistrat to decide the fate of the Assembly; only more aurgument and fighting developed from the talks. Habatchii saw that this was not good and called to order a new tactical squadron of clone soldiers from a distant galaxy to police and imprison all those that had sworn alligence against the STA. This squadron was known as the SIS 'Super Enforcers'; a covert group of elite fighting soldiers that were 'truce enemy' against the SIS 'Super Controllers'. Habatchii sent the squadron of soldiers out across all SIS galactic sectors looking for the 'Leaders of the Apostacy' against the STA.

The Transparent Empire

During the search and destroy mission, Habatchii held a convention of space military engineers to construct a brand new 'Transparent Empire', one that span across all the chartered SIS regions and could vanish into hyperspace speeds to travel to other regions. The Transparency Era had begun and new transparent technologies of every kind and need had been distrubuted to industrial and consumers under the SIS authority. These 'beacon' type machines emmitted a super-sharp extremely high freqency signal that covered the face of each planet, asteroid or moon that they were delivered unto; tracking the Apostacy leaders and followers relentlessly under military authority before they could create more inter-galatic propaganda exploits.

Asscourt's Second Coming
Habatchii also commissioned that General Borishieka's fleet, the 'Bacchus Ordionisis' should be rebuilt. The New Asscourt was delivered from the spacedock to Gen. Borishieka at a grand inaugrual ceremony as a prelude to the coming wars in those regions. The General was well pleased to see the brand new fleet and its improved capabilities, as was the Asscourt's First Officer; Commander Condollessa Nautanasa, who was promoted during inaugural ceremonies inducting several commissioned Super Enforcer officers. This was the Asscourt's Second Coming within the SIS.
Condollesa Nautanasa (SIS 2nd Commanding Officer)

SIS Commander Nautanasa

Pulse of the Universe (The Blackplate Anthem)

As the Transparent Empire spread its influence over the established regions of space, a new mentality had covered each settlement and colonial planet. This prescence was the Blackplate's Pulse, the primary source of all power and energy that had been the focus of the System Tapestry Authority since its advent of space supremacy. This pulse was powerful; it was made of all of the warchests and battleplans of every general, every high official and every spaceborne civilization under the SIS. It was now truely a dark time for anyone in or out of the armed forces. It was the Blackplate Anthem that kept the colonies together.

Lost Prone of the 6th Galaxy

During the assault campaign against the Apostacy Leaders, a great female high priestess under an order of Habatchii had been kidnapped. This High Priestess was known as Lost Prone of the 6th Galaxy because of the location of the temple in which she taught. The Prone had apparently been overtaken and overthrown by a mob of protesters that gathered outside of her temple city. The temple gaurds and local security force must have been in on the kidnapping and this created a large disturbance within the SIS. The Apostacy Leaders had claimed the kidnapping was plotted and executed as a sign of their power and authority; but they did not have the blessings of all of the colony planets and settlement fleets in the region. A full-scale campaign was launched to rescue the Prone and her lower priestesses from the corrupt Apostacy Leaders sects.

Earthbred Wars

A beacon which was sent to an unchartered region and galaxy returned a signal showing that a recently abandoned terrformed property and solarstate was now being recorded by telicam long-range imaging. News of the 'New Worlds' had been recieved by the Apostacy Leaders and they had sent a small, fully armed merchant fleet; of which had the Prone and her preistesses, to the region to facilitate the new terraforms. SIS administrative bodies were outraged at the takeover bid and sent a large star destroyer fleet to investigate the breach. Squadrons of the elite Super Enforcers confronted the armed purveyors and were fired upon taking huge loss and damage. SIS engineers created a new fleet according to the satellite information recieved from the new terraformed region, the fleet was called 'The Earthbred' and was sent to the sector to assist the star destroyer already stationed there. This was they start of the Earthbred Wars; A new war for the new worlds.

STA Secretariats(United States of the SIS)
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