The Bi-Cameral Curse (The Neuralyte Prophecy)

The Blackplate Adminstration and the Whiteplate Administration began to grow abreast of the ulterior motive of their incorporation. As with the advanced technology and super-powerful capability in which they both produced, the Bi-Cameral Curse had been brought foward in open debate. Representatives from countless solar and planetary systems lobbyied before the Motherplate Administration to bridge the two administrations more equally, white pulse power, energy and transport should be as strong as black pulse power, energy and transport. But the assembly could not agree on a common resoultion. Then, a committee from the planet 'Sta Nurse' presented what was to be dubbed 'The Neuralyte Prophecy'; which was interpreted as this:

"Every person found under the jurisdiction of the STA were to be granted immunity from diplomatic and medicidinal sanction, given that they signed a circumvent statement for the cloning facilities in their region to mass produce exact replicas of each of them. These new 'citizens' were to be known as 'Neuralytes' and would be commissioned under the Bi-Cameral to co-habitate the newly developed terraforms called the United States of the SIS and to function under the authority of its armed forces." An SIS commissioned fleet vessel commanded by Gen. Natashia Borishieka
Natashia Borishieka 1.1 (General Borishieka)

Gen. Borishieka of the SIS Bacchus Ordionisis Fleet

was sent by the Sta Nurse committee to serve as an envoy to the inaugural signing ceremonies. The fleet vessel was greeted with a very nasty welcome. The envoy was ambushed by rebel faction extremists and the Neuralyte Prophecy had begun.
Representative Attucks's Holographic Player

It was estimated that 38% of the planets and star systems that had heard of the circumvent refused its administration; and so the prophecy from Sta Nurse began to show its awesome affects. A few of the independent colonies and their member statehoods wanted to retain their freedom from the sanctions; Ambassador Attucks, a very powerful mulatto representative of the Blackplate Administration recorded a message liberating those 'scattered colonies' from the oppression and drafted a law which established immunity and a Free Party Reservation settlement agreement for all captives held by the resistance. His holographic player was sent directly to Gen. Borisheika, who fowarded to Habatchii; his mission was now made clear and the prophecy was unfolding.

Asscourt's Final Stance

A soldier drone of the resistance apparently had followed the Ambassador's courier to Gen. Borisheika's ship, the Asscourt Class 'Bacchus Ordionisis'; and had now relayed the coordinates back to its outpost where another ambush was being planned. Still recooperating from the last, the ship was very fraile and had taken on substantial damage. The General and all of her officers had already left the vessel just before the second attack began.

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