The Beginning

Habatchii was a genome clone, manufactured under the System Tapestry Administration (STA) mandate to generate more soldiers for the space military. The STA was a very powerful authority, governing over super-clusters and various private jurisdictions. A statistically sound mathmatical progression order was passed down by the STA and the Habatchii Ascension Number was commissioned.

Rigorous Training

As a clone; Habatchii was not exposed to the physiological handicaps of youth. He was generated in a biopool chamber along with a company of 2008 other 'clones'. Once basic initialization and stablization was completed, Habatchii was tested for durablity by a robotic corps which honed his physiological talents. He was issued a certification class which allowed him to recreate a huge synthetic environment, a complete solar system including natural birth parents and syblings. Within a period of 1 year, Habatchii had been reproduced at least 19 times, due to the damage assessed during training. The 20th Sentry was deployed into Deep Space Occupation.

Amassing Troops

Habatchii conducted training sessions often in order to prepare for the new army being constructed. His background in physics and fighting gave have insight above those that he was commissioned over. He instructed his subrogates to prepare for the recruitment into his establishment in space, but many did not. Soon after his sessions, a major 'natural catastrophe' would occur. Not many on those planets survived. Those that did prepare and listen to his instruction made arrangements for the evacuation and relocation to a nearby planet or spacestation. And a few began to speak of war and rumours of war.

Negative, Neutral & Positive Universal Forces

The STA was growing old. Its commissioned fleets and other colonial settlements were growing extremely large, extremely fast and the STA held elections to downsize its administrative presence. During a major political movement, the STA launched its Bi-Cameral campaign, which represented its corporate sector's theory of universal physics; consisting of the Blackplate Adminstration, the Motherplate Administration and the Whiteplate Administration, all of whom produced the pulse force generators and transformers. The STA unveild its Universal Conduct System, which was supposed to have revolutionized power, energy and transport consumption in all of the STA's jurisdictions. But a laborforce plot to overtake a major STA transformer station delayed the inauguration ceremonies.

Deployment for STA

Habatchii had gathered a tag-team of enlisted soldiers and was briefing them on the need to prepare when a neural link intercepted him and was then prompted to find information about the violatile takeover. He was approached by seven assassin clones who were sent to kill him before he could reach the STA site. They were not successful.

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