Sathundra's Clone Army

After the declaration of the United States had been made, the STA Apostacy Leaders signed a new agreement within their organization which would ultimately sabotage the remaining STA supporters and their newly formed government and even Habatchii himself. The Apostacy Leaders constructed the deep space Shikno-Huosaumi Cloning Facilities, which began a massive build up of female warrior clones molded after the female soldier named 'Sathundra'. This new army was launched into the same solar system that Habatchii was stationed in and began its campaign against him until he was finally caught by Sathundra 119 (Govt/Berthname: Dee Acusha). During a procession within a ceremony at one of the Elite Forces Ball, Sathundra 119 lured Habatchii into her private lasienda where she seduced him and posioned him with a very powerful inoculant. She was awarded and given power over several magistrat judiciaries to govern over because of her performance in capturing him.

  The Tilyatari Tribunal

Habatchii was taken prisoner and delivered to the Tilyatari Tribunal and tried for warcrimes and space malfeance. He was held by the Honorable Magistrat Phortione Piloti, a high official female judge with jurisdiction over most of the Apostacy Leader's settlements. The Tribunal was also occupied by other noted officials that were called to hear the case and defense that Habatchii would provide. The trial lasted for 365 days and the verdict of guilty was passed against him. he was sentenced to death by encapsulation; the most horrific and destructive means of execution. He was prepared in a simple flight suit, taken to the execution grounds and placed inside of the missle's warhead supercargo. The missile was launched deep into unchartered space and exploded in a fissle-fussionary array. Habatchii was dead.

  Ancient Cloud (The New Genesis)

The Loyaist of Habatchii's administration had recieved word of the execution and sent a massive space assault fleet to take over the region in which the execution occured. This region was known by the solarstates as the Ancient Cloud because it had long since been an point for fissial-fussion executions. Before that, it was the location of an ancient galactic system which vanished into the heavens. The Transparent Empire resurged upon the cloud and created a new solarstate from its gases and debris. The 19 galaxies formed from the Ancient Cloud were;

  • Achupas Galaxy
  • Aphoto Galaxy
  • Ariz Galaxy
  • Barocca Galaxy
  • Caphagis Galaxy
  • Dartanya Galaxy
  • Eataumana Galaxy
  • Levianclacadees Galaxy
  • Neercessatanees Galaxy
  • Neus Galaxy
  • Othaiis Galaxy
  • Psythonis Galaxy
  • Recarra Galaxy
  • Sequoya Galaxy
  • Seringetti Galaxy
  • Sioux Galaxy
  • Tabatha Galaxy
  • Tilyatari Galaxy
  • Yelandcries Galaxy

A senate counsel of the 19 newly formed galaxies established a provision for the Shikno-Huosaumi Cloning Facilities to reclassify a new franchise of Habatchii clones, direct from the orignial cloning facility from which Habatchii was first manufactured and replicated. The first class of clones became statesmen, the second class became enforcers, the third class became lawmakers, the fourth class became physicians, the fifth class became administrators, the sixth class became teachers and the seventh were sent into the ministries to pursue the spiritual leadership and enlightenment that Habatchii had endorsed while he was living.

  Proxeums of the New Solosphere
  Lost Prone of the 6th Galaxy (Part Two)
  Seizeship Assault (Habatchii's Return)
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