The Solveig Rites of the Astacyian Order
At the Bethrothal Ceremony of the 7th Selphalon, Habatchii was introduced to Prime Minister Cadre Caduseus; a very gifted and talented young female politica who supported his military campaign diligently. She also introduced him into the secret order of the Astacyians; an elite and mystical sect deep in occuldent and universal physics. In return for military background, he was accepted with honors under Mistress Cadre. During his interim under Cadre, Habatchii forged his first sabre series;
Habatchii Sabre 02

Habatchii's 'Stealth Sabre' series

each which represented a different proxeum within his administration. They were:
  1. Habatchii Sabre 02 The Stealth Sabre- Was the most commonly used sabre of his ministry
  2. Habatchii 'Era Sabre' 1.1 The Era Sabre- Used by engineer soldiers and temple security
  3. The La Shun Sabre- A modified version of the Stealth Sabre with a fission cannon
  4. Habatchii 'Peace Sabre' The Peace Sabre- Used basically for ceremonies and parades with a non-lethal blade
  5. The Assualt Sabre- A heavily fortified sabre/sword used by lower commissioned officers
  6. Habatchii 'Triumphant Sabre' The Triumphant Sabre- Used by higher commission officers
  7. The Solveig Sabre- Used solely by high priest and high priestess

At the establishment of his first temple, Habatchii dedicated it unto his mentor, Cadre Caduseus; who later changed her name to 'Sade Adu' for security purposes. The Prime Minister continued on with her universal campaign in spite of the 'minor contributions' that the new ministry produced.

Tribal Wars of the Astacyian Husbandry

At the start of each new solar cycle, each tribe found under the order of the Astacyians were to make offerings unto the pylons which guarded their planets. If the offerings were not collected and gathered, or if the Bethrotal had come and no resolution had been established, then the support system for the planet would collapse. This fraile flaw of nature created tension between the tribes, of which was vented in a very dynamic and elegant observation of husbandry. The tribal generals would gather at the proving grounds and fight for the front. To signal a victory, a flag would be raised in the opposing tribe's camp or headquarters. At the end of the dispute, the most beautiful and endowed maiden from the opposing tribe would be reserved for the next Bethrotal to be united to the soldier with the most offerings from the winning side. Habatchii approved of the competition, but his opponents did not.


Speculation had circulated that several small planetoids at the end of the solar system were blown up by a disputing political party. At the same time, numerous bodies of 'astroids' began to be reported and meteor showers across portions of the solar system had been observed. A war was being instigated, but no one knew from whom. Habatchii's Ascension would have to wait. Rumours had started that Habatchii was the root of the destruction; claiming that he was testing a new 'Super Weapon' to be used in inter-galactic battle. But around the time of each Bethrotal, more reports of astroids continued. The Prime Minister's press agent did not respond to the alligations, nor did any of the soldiers under Habatchii's command. Until reports of a spy drone which had been intercepted and captured by a space salvage ship showed holographic material of a 'Super Weapon' destroying entire planets.

Pulse of the Universe

The Blackplate Adminstration launched a full scale campaign to establish a 'Universal Policy of Domestication' with a platform of its paternal entity, the STA's 'Universal Conduct System' being the centerpiece of its diplomacy plan. Opponents of Habatchii also opposed the deployment defended the independence of the smaller solarstates, stating that their association with the union would create wars in their land. The 'Black Pulse Technology' was already implemented in the smaller solarstates before the opposition could counter-respond. The 'necessary evil' in which the technology created was apparent, wars were declared and lost by the rebel factions and the Blackplate moved foward to a new dawn of space supremacy, under the command of Habatchii.

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