Struggle for Space Supremacy

The Universal Conduct System was now up and generating its pulse energy array through out the entire STA authority. But now a new threat had been uncovered. A deadly electronic plague known as the Electravirus had been reportedly to have killed or effected countless within the system; and it was believed that a contrabeacon had sabotaged one or more of the Inter-Galactic Antenna; a super-large deep space satellite streamwork system of inter-galactic class transmitters which helped to transmit the Conduct System array within each galaxy's galactic center. The Electravirus had spread in a very distinct pattern, all of which had been occuppied by Laborforce radical para-militants.

Electravirus Attacks

It had been noted that the pattern of the Eletravirus spread was very similar to the closing of STA embassies and business centers; (the area was known as the Seventh Selphalon, designating the planet's surfacient map layout) most likely in retailiation to the downsizing of STA administrative bodies. So, in responding to the attacks, a counter-strike force was procured by the Blackplate Administration to apprehend and or neutralize the outbreak of the Electravirus; they were known as The Regimes of the 7th Selphalon. Habatchii was a young officer grade during the procurement and was commissioned to oversee a frontline outpost in one of the major outbreak areas. At least 12 inhabited planets and 7 solar systems were isolated for the military confrontation. Habatchii's units were very successful in tactical advances against the militants, who were forced to retreat to a newly discovered secret base on a nearby planet. The Blackplate Administration awarded Habatchii for service unto the STA and issued a full commodation.

Laborforce Declares Independence

At the defeat of the frontline outpost, the Laborforce made a declaration before its member statehoods that a new constitution had been drawn, freeing the Laborforce from the effects of the downsize. A new independent entity had been formed; the United Continental Forces (UFC) (later to be abbreviated as the 'Force'.) A large-scale buildup of military components began as the aftermath of the Electravirus was still evident in the region. The UCF spread its campaign at gallup pace throughout the establishment, surpassing existing governing entities by sheer 'force'. But the Blackplate Administration was not satisfied with the simple confrontation at Selphalon 7.

Plame Plan- (A Dangerous Covenant)

The Blackplate Administration had no other choice but to establish immunity for the new entity. It opened a political summit to host talks of a long-term 'covenant' between the new entity and itself. This new agreement would open future compacts and give governance and military intelligence to the Force. Exchanges would include schematics for the Inter-Galactic Antenna System; mapping and logistics for The Universal Conduct System; the blueprints for the Blackplate, Motherplate and Whiteplate Pulse Generators and signal array; newly developed enzymes and antedotes for the Electravirus and a newly mapped human genome celluar system for the Neuralytes. But this was a dangerous covenant due to the instability within the Force to handle such large amounts of new inter-galatic information and galactic positioning systems-(GaPS) without more spies and pirating occurring. Tension began mounting during the middle of the talks and various breakouts developed which signalled the new dawn of what was soon to be dubbed the 'Dark Side' of the Force. A new security force had to be commissioned, the new group was governed under the Plame Plan.

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