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New Perspective on SpaceEdit

The Luxury Class Spacestation, Agavelantes and its series of leisure science space complexes are well known within the Solosphere. The Agavelantes Station 21 follows in the series, high end resort for the supermodel clones produced throught various galaxies and stations. Promoting a study environment of shimatonomy, thermographics, aesthetic amalagraphics, physiognometrics, leisure sciences and other instances, the stations also are facilitated by specialized space military and atheletic supercorps. The spacestations were developed as a Post-Beta Environment; meaning that the models were sent to the stations right after or shortly after infirmary orientation. The properties are managed by the Satellite Consortium for Mature & Adult Programming ~liSupercorp, who was commissioned to build the series for SIS administrative purposes.

Organization & MissionEdit

The stations are constructed of the highest grade of materials and allows and the interiors are exemplar of various eras and model social stature. The stations usually are small, around the size of large island or archiopelago and typically are orbital, meaning they do not reach sublight speeds. Some of the Tiava series spacestations have launched even smaller Luxury Spaceliners which frequent the Transcom system.

The directive and mission of the spacestations are to function as a fully remote leisure scientific environment, meaning the staff and adminstrative objectives are to create physiologically sound bio-engineering experimentation; this may include producing mature themed productions such as the Beyond Kabuki streamcasts and other adult-based material.

Diplomatic ContributionsEdit

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Top:(Link to a 'Beyond Kabuki' ad promoting their Solosphere-Wide streamcast 'Personal Media' streamwork systems and applications; a by-product of the Tweepcraft runtime applications.)

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