SuperWikia Planetarium 'Deccapeles'

Deccapeles is a scientology similar to the Horoscopes in nature which collectively is practiced to enrich celestial and spiritual enlightenment. It is believed that the practiced spawn from the hybrid between the recognized Astacyian religious denominations and the supertaunt subcultural which have always been known to experiment with the occuldent sciences and mysticism.

Lilk; a daughter of the solveig staplesmith Taximillion founded a celestical cult under the auspiciousness of her name which used both black and white pulse energy as its sphere of influence. She was not a recognized guildman, yet her knowledge of the stars and their hierarchy within the sourceforge served as a foundation for her followers. She is known as the Maternal Embodiment of Deccapeles.

Symbolism Within the Deccapeles[edit | edit source]

The most basic principle of the Deccapeles is based upon a ancient belief of the Conduct Systems of which the proxeums and guilds that made the foundation used symbols known as "deccaphones" to communicate within the conducts. These deccaphones were simple geometrical shapes which helped the guilds to know certain information.

The symbols are simply:

The Black Deccaphone Die
  • Serena the Circle: 50px
  • Tyraanda the Ball: 50px
  • Apostasis the Cylinder: 50px
  • Pamperess the Oval: 50px
  • Lanasphone the Star (5 point): 50px
  • Echelon the Crescent: 50px
  • Styleph the Pyramid (3 sided): 50px (Revised In Precision)
The White Deccaphone Die
  • Bonet the Rectangle: 50px
  • Regirlles the Square: 50px
  • Ananda the Triangle: 50px
  • Naveliis the Pentagon: 50px
  • Datarra the Concave: 50px
  • Orio the Star (6 point): 50px
  • Nutanya the Pyramid (4 sided): 50px (Revised In Precision)

Esoteric Readings & Sessions[edit | edit source]

The Deccapeles have what are known as conduits; people who have a extra-sensory perception for celestial knowledge and understanding who host esoteric reading. These readings are generally held in private, discrete locations in which one or more of seven different readings may be read. These are;

Esoteric Readings
  • Sexuality Readings
  • Theological Health Readings
  • Anticlimax Readings
  • Physiognomy Readings
  • Life Readings
  • Economic Readings
  • Stellar Readings

The conduits may use either a deck of cards, deccaphone dice or other instruments to extract the reading from the client. After the reading, an oral promissary is given to the client as a mental note to follow in order to improve their coherency of the reading. The promissary is derived from a universal formulary in which what are know as [[SuperWikia 'Deccapeles; Esoteric Helios Applictions|'helios' are administered which are used to build personality and other traits of the client.

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