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This page is designated for the SuperWikia Proxeums & Guild Academies Directory. Its intent is to establish a reference point for tourney and other circulation.

Basic Proxeum & Guild logic:

  • A 'Proxeum' is the representation of a group or party which is devoted to 'Runtime' development. Meaning that its main directives are centered around SuperWikia storyboards and similar character-based scripting.
  • A 'Guild' represents a a party or group that is centered on 'Real Time' development; or the concepts revolving around production-based planning, conferencing, research or other non-character oriented material.
  • Both proxeums and guilds are to be entered and referenced in a distinguished fashion by the seatholder in order to recieve recognition for its usage. Below is an example of such a reference;
  1. Use either the Proxeum or Guild Suffix, including the dash(-) when closing a reference. (Habatchii Engineering Society-Proxeum) or (3D Character Graphics Society-Guild)
  2. When completing a dataplate, always use the internal link to distinguish regular text from interactive text. (Habatchii Engineering Society-Proxeum) Note: The link above redirects to a function Proxeum & Guild dataplate; you may use it and change the data for your own semester and tourney buildup.

Each Proxeum and Guild Academy maintains its own dataplate and semester.

SuperWikia 'Proxeums & Guild- Constitution' Edit

Accordingly; Proxeums and Guilds all should keep records of their member's contributions. Below is a link to the SuperWikia 'Proxeum & Guild- Constitution'; a concise outlay of the tourney process as it is administered during both the General and Superior Heat Session.

See- Constitution'.

SuperWikia 'Proxeums & Guild- SuperBallot Candidate List' Edit

SuperBallot Candidate List- This is a listing of all SuperWikia recognized Proxeums & Guilds. Each group is required to maintain their own dataplates and other records. Performance during the tourney process is managed by each individual Proxeum or Guild.

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