Alphabetarian & Alphacenturian Orders-(The Sadeic Paramount)Edit

The Beginning

Spawning from the Alphabetarian Expanse, the Creation of all things and sentient forms unfolded and gave birth to the Alphacenturians; a species of intellectual beings that span the entire known universe. Within these parafolds of life came the Alphawaves; smaller yet just as coherent to the forces of the universe as the larger beings and evolved into the lifeforms of the human spirit and soul.

The RAIR (Four Corners of the Universe)

Nomadic in nature, these spirits traveled aimlessly across the Alphabetarian Expanse seeking meaning and justice for their new environment. Judging mathematical progression and virtues, these lifeforms eventually laid forth the foundation of the covenant; The RAIR; (acronym for Requisition, Acquisition, Inquisition & Resolution) and the RAIR served as their morale compass and nomadic scale, giving passage to new sciences and laws of physics and nature. Within the four corners of the universe, the spirits settled and began their administration.

The Avian Bloodline

In the wake of the discoveries and declarations, a new species of life was created, one with the wings of a great span and the physical form of a human being. These were known as the Avians and ruled over the universe with their great wings of flight and speed of medicine. They established governments and chemicals and practiced with metals and technologies and became skilled in the percepts that the RAIR had given them. And they as brought with them in their new settlements and the settlements of their settlements, the competition of trial and error, cause and effect, the haves and the have not's and other instruments of variance. These they used in war.

The Nimbus System

In pursuit of the greater good, they created the planets and the stars to govern over them. And as the these did cohabitate, so did the clouds over the land. If a judgement had been simple, the clouds would dominate the case, if a judgement had been more complex, the land would receive precedence. This was the way of the Nimbus System and how the spirits traveled to lands far away without a fall. Judging all beings within the land became a virtue of the beings as they increased their numbers and strength. The RAIR was still guiding them.

The Decadence Dramas (The Sadeic Paramount)

The spirits had shown a great interest in arts and scripts. They laid out elaborate theater of which their creations would act out a mechanical end. One such drama was the 'Decadence Drama'; the first of which was 'The Sadeic', a work in which a spiritual being (Pamazon) was sent to a lower plane (into the world) to minister on behalf of her own spiritual ascension and congregation. This instrument created a bridge between the planes and provided a path for the ascension of all who understood it. This is where the Tweep Republic begins...

The Oracles of Pamazon

The RAIR had been good to the Avian, so good that they decided to show their collective appreciation and commissioned a new avatar amongst all others; one that would guide the Avian in the event they and their archives became lost and strayed to far from the RAIR. This was the Oracle of Pamazon; a leader that took on human form to teach her followers the ways of the Sadeic and thus the RAIR.

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