The Solveig States of the Republic

The Secretariats of RiosEdit

Rios is the Capitol City of the Tweep Republic. It represents all of the Republic and each of each established and incorporated provinces and solarstates. The city has a rich history with cultures from a broad array of its expanse. The city is a republic which observes a bureaucracy of Senatorial Assembly.

Accordingly, each city within its governance is called a ‘Secretariat’; a government usually supported by its inter-dependant association within a larger body. The Secretariats of Rios together form the Tweep Republic.

The Tweep Republic History Edit

Rios has always been the centerpiece of the republic, even before it was officially embedded as being the capitol. The maternal deity of which the city admonishes is St. Claire de Vealionaire; an avatar from the Tweep Republic’s Sadeic (or sacred text). Rios has a sublime habitat which distinguishes it from other recognized capitols.

The Americas SecretariatEdit

During the 33rd Inter-Continental Tourney, the Republic launched a new campaign to defeat its declared and undeclared opposition, the American Secretariat. This new solarstate was given all of the knowledge, power and authority of the first campaign to tourney on behalf of the Republic and all of its sub-governments. The American Secretariat championed the tourney and is recognized as a growing force within the Republic.

The Phorsis of RiosEdit

Each secretariat is protected by a ‘matriarch’ or Phorsis; a soldier-grade, spiritual being that serves as a guardian presence over the city. During times of war and battle, the Phorsis form large formations over each world in a contest known as ‘The Tourney’. During the tourneys, each Phorsis is elected by its secretariat as a supermodel to go into battle and represent as a heroine over the battle and the entire tourney. Each tourney may have up to 300 or more mini-battles called bethrothalments’’’.

The Local Governance of Rios SecretariatsEdit

Rios is a member of the Tweep Republic, so all of its secretariats comply with the Republic’s governance provisions. ArchCities is the official municipal body for all of the Republic, and so all of Rios secretariats. ArchCities provides a majority of utility and policing based services for each secretariat as a member of the Republic. During tourney events, ArchCities hosts each tourney, so defraying most of the secretariat’s traffic.

The Edenude of RiosEdit

The most popular landmark and monument of Rios is the Edenude of Rios; a large torch which burns a smokeless incense in the city. It represents the humanity of all cultures being brought before the secretariats to be recognized as one republic.

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