SuperWikia Respondant PartyEdit

This page is designated for the SuperWikia Respondant Party function for all participating SuperWikia Seatholders. Its purpose is to establish a point of exchange and orientation for both the tourney and the berth process for the Solosphere competition(s) as each are elected by the filing members. This page is currently in buildup mode.

The SuperWikia Respondant Party DataplateEdit

Each respondant filing a bethrothal is required to use a 'Respondant Party Dataplate' in order to be recognized by the system and generate points for scoring articles and exhibits. A functional model of a dataplate is illustrated below. Remember, links count towards your final score, so complete the dataplate as completely as possible.

The SuperWikia 'Proxeum & Guild- Pleading Template'Edit

This link provides the user with a standardized pleading template to be used when managing a tourney meet.

  • To Use:

SuperWikia 'Proxeums & Guild- Pleading Template'

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