SuperWikia Spec Forces (Black Space Defense)

This page is designated for the SuperWikia SIS Protectorate Fleet and its divisories of system-wide entities and conduct administrations. Its intent is to establish a protectorate state for SuperWikia as as whole and the SIS bodies in which it represents. This statement is for all SuperWikia properties under the SIS protectorate.

  • The SuperWikia 'SIS Space Forces Code'

The SuperWikia SIS Space Forces Code establishes the SIS Protectorate's standing Code of Instruction-COI. It lays out the operating parameter (aka: the Solosphere) of all recognized and special forces which populate SIS jurisdictions and protectorate vicinities. It also provides the foundation for basis of study for opposition party cases to be heard by the SuperWikia Senate in the event of eminient tourney developments.

SIS Space Fleet Commander Archives

This section is for article submissions on the topic of SIS Space Fleet Command and the berths in which help change the Fleet as a whole. The Archive is built into 5 main components:

SIS Tourney Vessel Classifications

This section focuses on the most popular fleet class vessels used by the Protectorate. It consists of the seven basic types of space and maintenance vehicles and crafts as each coorelates to the tourney. Note that the vehicles use a runtime Dot the SuperWikia Runtime Logo tread application to increase effectiveness during tourney meets and contestation. All vessels are operated by SIS EPAO personnel and commanded by SIS C/O ranks.

'Note: For a brief overview of SIS Protectorate signature vessels, go to the SuperWikia Vessel Phototage.

SIS Sub-Fleet Vessels & Vehicles

  1. Starfighters
  2. Technical-Utility Crafts
  3. Assault Crafts
  4. Patrollers & Emergency Crafts
  5. Land Cruisers
  6. Earthworkers
  7. Shuttles

SIS EPAO Personnel Classifications

The Fleet facilitates a roster of EPAO personnel that service its properties and protect the organization during tourneys. The following is a listing of the most basic classes of personnel with a link to their defintive definition.

  1. SuperWikia ‘Advanced Terminology Index’; Base Soldier
  2. SuperWikia ‘Advanced Terminology Index’; Reconnaissance Trooper
  3. SuperWikia ‘Advanced Terminology Index’; Airmen / Astralpilot
  4. SuperWikia ‘Advanced Terminology Index’; Nationalist Patroller
  5. SuperWikia ‘Advanced Terminology Index’; Demolition Lightmen
  6. SuperWikia ‘Advanced Terminology Index’; Oversize Stealth Engineer
  7. SuperWikia ‘Advanced Terminology Index’; Nationalist Sentinel
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