Pagnemagne Flash

Imame of the Pagnemagne endicia.

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SuperWikia Pagnemagne Digital AppellationsEdit

The Pagnemagne Virtuals of SuperWikia; the club for virtual champagne connoisseurs...

From the transcribes of Scientre, the Magnes created the elixir of the Dreigns; the Pagnemagnes were formed.

The Pagnemagne, (pronounced Pag and Nee + Mange as in Upwards) is an ascendancy of champagnes from the countries of Earth. Fermented at month interval, the flesh of enhanced fruits are further fermented with the spirits of other nurseries until a balanced and bubbly conformity is created.

It was founded upon the edict of the Quoille that each Dreign were to have jurisdiction of its own nurseries, apart from the Quoille's provisional governance. This created a reserve of nurseries, all with the finest conformity and mergence. A transcribe was formed and the Pagnemagne was ascended into the alumni of champagnes.

Scientre presents, The Pagnemagne of SuperWikia; the club for virtual champagne connoisseurs...

Exhibits GalleryEdit

This gallery is designated for scientific studies or research based upon champagne as being the prime directive, issue or solution.[1]
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