This page is designated for the Superwikia Senate Agrispace Committee. Its intent is to construct new policy and COI provisions for Agricultural Developments in Space (Agrispace) and more enhanced agribusiness systems and facilities to service the entire SIS/TICS/ArchCities body of assemblies and dependent protectorates.

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This section of the committee's page is for Agrispace Facilities Codes; how each facility must maintain standardized architectural and operating conformity, technical specifications, agrispace safety and health codes, proper disposition and waste management systems, legislative conforming ancilliary codes and emergency compliance measures to ensure appropriate facility provisioning and exemptions.

Below is a general outlay of a standard agrispace facility:

Space Center Technical Specifications:
Serviceperson Dormatory Areas Specs.:
  • Specifically for permanent party agrispace personnel living on Laborforce and or EPAO timeshare vouchers, generally issued at 6 to 18 month intervals.
Technical Engineering Areas Specs.:
  • The engine room and O-HEL (Offsite Hydrolic, Electrical & Luminance) areas which operate the life support and other craft maintenance.
Agricultural/Aquaculture Centers Specs.:
  • Acting techfarm area and ground-based produce center for the craft. Also supplies grain for livestock. Includes aquaculture vats for hatcheries and man-made filtration lakes for fisheries.
Packaging Centers Specs.:
  • Preparation station and pre-distribution sector for end-product goods grown within the facility. Hosts a fully functional freeze cycle assembly for time-sensitive consumption.
Livestock & Poultry Centers Specs.:
  • Laboratory produced livestock cloning stations with rearing houses and simulated pastures for periodic aeration and shift cycling. Also entails various composting processing stations for offsite maintenance.
Equestrian Tournament Centers Specs.:
  • Exhibit facilities for hosting inter-space center events and fairgrounds for taqauri operators and personnel. Also maintains horse racing and other similar contestation.
Space Docking & Shiping Centers Specs.:
  • Ship docking area for vendor-based supercorp representatives and personnel. Also hosts small private crafts and vehicle maintenance.

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