SuperWikia 'Legionnaire Switchboard'Edit

Below is a 'Legionnaire Switchboard' used to give SuperWikia Senate members a reference for each official SuperWikia tourney process and ensignia activation. This switchboard of ensignia/endicia should not be used for regular tourney articles.

SuperWikia 'Legionnaire Switchboard'
SuperWikia Logo Set 17
Conforming Ensignia Options
SuperWikia 'Administrative Endicia/Ensignia'
SuperWikia Datashield Superwikia-ArchCities Data Shield Logo 1.0
SuperWikia Administration SuperWikia Logo Set 17
SuperWikia Executive SuperWikia Logo Set 20
SuperWikia Lifeforce Superwikia 'Lifeforce' Endicia
SuperWikia Superversity Endicia SuperWikia Logo Set 019 (Superversity Endicia)
SIS Perennial Solarcade Ensignia SuperWikia Logo Set (Perennial Solarcade Ensignia)
SuperWikia Stardate Endicia SuperWikia Stardate Endicia 1.2
SIS PE Senior Officer Command Endicia SIS PE Senior Off. Command Endicia
SuperWikia Spec Forces (Office of Defense) SuperWikia Spec Forces (Office of Defense)
SuperWikia Solarstate Seal SuperWikia Logo Set 33 (Solarstate Seal)
ArchCities Endicia Tweep Endicia (AC-1 Black Series)
SIS Habatchii Space Defense Systems Seal Habatchii (US Seal)
SuperWikia Tactical & Special Forces Endicia SuperWikia Logo Set 16
SuperWikia Senate Bureau Committee Endicia SuperWikia Logo Set 30
SuperWikia Metallic Embossed Flag SuperWikia Logo Set 05

All other pertinent interactive graphics will be included as needed; this switchboard is subject to change.

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