This page is designated for the Superwikia Senate Neural Signal Committee. Its intent is to construct new policy and COI provisions for The SuperWikia-ArchCities Neural Signal Administration (SA-NSA) and development of more enhanced technology-related ancilliary systems and correctional (equiposial) facilities to service the entire SIS/TICS/ArchCities body of entities and dependent protectorates.

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SuperWikia Senate PreambleEdit

Superwikia Senate Neural Signal Senior Administrative CommitteeEdit

SuperWikia Senate Neural Signal Sub-Committees

SuperWikia Senate Neural Signal Referendum Committees

Tourney Process ServiceEdit

The SuperWikia Tourney Process provides for servicing of Runtime cases brought before a formal body between two existing parties within the case. Process Service for tourney activity is a pre-requiste before any case is to be heard before a Superior Review Hearing. For information on how to comply with these ruling or conform an existing proxeum/guild to policy updates, go to:

Ancilliary & Equiposial Facilities CodeEdit

This section of the committee's page is for Ancilliary & Equiposial Facilities Codes; how each facility must maintain standardized architectural and operating conformity, technical specifications, all ArchCities construction safety and health codes, proper disposition and waste management systems, legislative conforming ancilliary codes and emergency compliance measures to ensure appropriate facility provisioning and exemptions.

Below is a general outlay of a standard Equiposial facility:

Specialized Center Technical Specifications:
Serviceperson Dormatory Areas Specs.:
  • Specifically for permanent party Neural Signal personnel living on Laborforce and or EPAO timeshare vouchers, generally issued at 6 to 18 month intervals.
Technical Engineering Areas Specs.:
  • The engine room and O-HEL (Offsite Hydrolic, Electrical & Luminance) areas which operate the life support for Neural Signal onsite and offsite maintenance.
Agricultural/Aquaculture Support Centers Specs.:
  • Acting Storehouse area and ground-based produce center for the onsite/offsite structure. Also serves as a supply chain station for other time sensitive goods. Includes equipment for carrying and stocking pallets of goods to be used by the facility and for shipping to other facilities.
Profile Processing Centers Specs.:
  • Profile Processing Centers typically are used to direct any regional caseloads being serviced by Neural Signal and or any virtual detainment centers for equiposial medicines administered within the facility. Processing is a year round recurrance due to high volumes of directed traffic to and from the centers. Transportation services are provided at the Space Docking Centers.
Laboratory & Chemical Compound Centers Specs.:
  • Laboratory produced chemical compound center with rearing houses and human ancilliary enzyme testing. Also entails various workstations for infimary processing and incubation of EPAO/Defense Force offsite systems.
Earth Governance & Earth Observation Centers Specs.:
  • Extention Healthcare Delivery facilities for hosting inter-space and land-based cases and Earthbred colonies abroad. Also including Earthbred evacuation and disaster relief cases hosted by facility operators and EPAO personnel.
Space Docking & Shiping Centers Specs.:
  • Ship docking area for ambulatory supercorp operators and personnel. Also hosts small private crafts for the Profile Processing Center and vehicle maintenance.

Protectorate SecurityEdit

Land Prohibition Periods (Remmitals & Suspensions)Edit

Environmental Protection StatementsEdit

SIS Neural Signal Supercorp Certified TradepoolEdit

  • SIS Required Neural Signal Supercorp Filings
  • Tradepool Neural Signal Regulatory Statements
  • Allstate Neural Signal Representation
  • Protectorate Neural Signal Disclosures
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