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This page is designated for the Superwikia Senate Solar-Scholastic & PRE-COL Committee. Its intent is to construct new policy and COI provisions for Advanced Academic Development in Pre-School thru College (PRE-COL) and more enhanced scholastic delivery systems and facilities to service the entire SIS/TICS/ArchCities/PRE-COL body of assemblies and dependent protectorates.

(For information on Offsite Campuses, go to Superversity Offsite Campuses) This page is in buildup mode.

SuperWikia Senate Preamble

SuperWikia Senate 'Solar-Scholastic & PRE-COL Committee; COI'

Tourney Process Service

Academic Facilities Code

This section of the committee's page is for Academic Facilities Codes; (including Superversity Offsite Campuses) how each facility must maintain standardized architectural and operating conformity, technical specifications, academic aptitude and learning delivery system codes, proper curicullum administration and management systems, legislative conforming ancilliary codes and emergency compliance measures to ensure appropriate facility provisioning and exemptions.

Below is a general outlay of a standard SuperWikia PRE-COL facility:

Space Center Technical Specifications:
Solar-Scholastic Transport & Dormatory Management Specs.:
Technical Engineering Areas Specs.:
  • The engineering room and O-HEL (Offsite/Onsite Hydrolic, Electrical & Luminance) areas which operate the land based life support and craft maintenance.
Solar-Scholastic Academic Delivery Centers Specs.:
Solar-Scholastic PRE-COL Exhibition Halls Specs.:
Solar-Scholastic Learning Laboratories Specs.:
Solar-Scholastic Educator Centers Specs.:
Solar-Scholastic Subsistance & Sustainance Centers Specs.:

Protectorate Security

Land Usage & Reclaimation

Environmental Protection Statements

SIS Solar-Scholastic Facilites Index

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