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This page is designated for the SuperWikia Superversity Systems Senatorial College; Legis Studies. Its intenet is to establish a basic infrastructure for SuperWikia Senatorial Studies and general degree ascension programs for SuperWikia Senatorial candidacy.

This page is used along with various other Superversity System pages to give prospective and qualified candidates a general overview of course material and semester based programs of study administered therein. Below is a brief description of such material:

Space Diplomacy Edit

This is the BMP module of the S-POLL system which discus topics of space policy development, proxeum and guild’s international access to space and means of improving such policy.

  1. Space Diplomacy- Space Security & Colonization Studies
  2. Space Diplomacy- Space Emergencies & Evacuations Studies
  3. Space Diplomacy- Launch of Space Military Studies
  4. Space Diplomacy- Space Protocols & Address Systems Studies
  5. Space Diplomacy- Space Assemblies & Foriegn Powers Studies
  6. Space Diplomacy- Space Treaty Organizations Studies
  7. Space Diplomacy- Super-Space Structures Studies

Theatre Jurisdiction Edit

This course is for the discussion, development and improvement of theatres of space, space campaigns (Solarstates) and exhibition of executive powers in space.

  1. Theatre Jurisdiction- Space Campaign Trails
  2. Theatre Jurisdiction- Exhibitions & Demonstrations
  3. Theatre Jurisdiction- Lunar & Offsite Facilities
  4. Theatre Jurisdiction- Political Storyboards
  5. Theatre Jurisdiction- Assembly Title Serials
  6. Theatre Jurisdiction- Testing Healthcare via Media (Neural Signal)
  7. Theatre Jurisdiction- Satellite & Streamcast Productions

Astropolitics Edit

This course is for the discussion and developmental study of Astropolitics; the Senatorial entities of space under one political body and its international posture.

  1. Astropolitics- Secretariat Government Policies
  2. Astropolitics- Scientifically Based Sociographics
  3. Astropolitics- Executive Bodies & The Solveig Oath
  4. Astropolitics- Law Ratification & S-POLL Enactment
  5. Astropolitics- Political Embassy Indemnification
  6. Astropolitics- Applications in Immigration
  7. Astropolitics- Treatment of Convicted Populations
  8. Astropolitics- Supplimental Provision For Evacuees

Palatial Borders & Boundaries Edit

This course's discussion focuses on development and improving global security measures, military upsizing and vertical development of a single international security force to exercise under treaty within multiple vertical environments.

  1. Palatial Borders- Battle Regolith Award Nominations
  2. Palatial Borders- Research Funding & Basis of Study
  3. Palatial Borders- Administrative Pro Forma
  4. Palatial Borders- New Tourney Campaigns & Opposition Parties
  5. Palatial Borders- Derivative Decisions & Bethrothalment Operations
  6. Palatial Borders- Opposition Parties Berth Management
  7. Palatial Borders- Negotiation Settlements & Mitigations

Luminary Ministries Edit

This course is for the discussion and development of the public archives and emissary memorials launched or native to space and its ministries of global philanthropy and benevolence.

  1. Luminary Ministries- The Sadereqeium Lumes
  2. Luminary Ministries- The Theology of Ascension
  3. Luminary Ministries- The Astro-Divinities & S-POLL Ordination Process
  4. Luminary Ministries- The Pentelebet Encryption
  5. Luminary Ministries- The Lineal Foundations
  6. Luminary Ministries- The Earthbred
  7. Luminary Ministries- The S-POLL Habatchii Eucharist

Earth Governance Edit

This course addresses the conservatory, its role in orchestrating political issues and environmental security by means of an international business congress known as the Tradepool and its common resolutions.

  1. Earth Gov.- Staples Lunar Base System Construction
  2. Earth Gov.- Trans Industrial Space Systems
  3. Earth Gov.- Assemblies of the Uninet
  4. Earth Gov.- Public Ancilliary Management Provision
  5. Earth Gov.- Lunar Bi-Cameral Governed Diplomacy
  6. Earth Gov.- Earth Government Constitution & Bylaw
  7. Earth Gov.- Structured Environments & Free Trade

Solarstate Sponsored & Private Medicine Edit

This course is for the discussion and development of how the Solarstate Sponsored Healthcare Delivery Systems and plan providers work together under a single S-POLL regulated vertical environment.

  1. Solarstate Spon. & Pri. Meds- Solarstate Funded Programs & Agencies
  2. Solarstate Spon. & Pri. Meds- Transparent Technology & Neural Signal Administration
  3. Solarstate Spon. & Pri. Meds- AFM/IHT/TiPD Neural Signal Mandates
  4. Solarstate Spon. & Pri. Meds- Psychotecture Research
  5. Solarstate Spon. & Pri. Meds- Lifeforce Coverage & Option Plans
  6. Solarstate Spon. & Pri. Meds- Emergency Response & Accidental Protection
  7. Solarstate Spon. & Pri. Meds- Structured Pro Rata & Pro Forma Alternative Plans

The S-POLL Habatchii Eucharist Edit

This course is for the discussion and maintenance of the S-POLL Habatchii Eucharist; an Ancilliary One organization which addresses the needs of the Public Apostle, the Breakpeace and its secretriats found under solveig oath unto the Earthbred ministries.

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Senatorial Presidential Studies Edit

  • Vice Presidential Strategic Plan
  1. Senatorial Presidential Studies- Security Consol Management
  2. Senatorial Presidential Studies- Energy Policy Administration
  3. Senatorial Presidential Studies- Logistical Management
  4. Senatorial Presidential Studies- Population Control Management
  5. Senatorial Presidential Studies- Ancilliary Management
  6. Senatorial Presidential Studies- Testing & Research Management
  7. Senatorial Presidential Studies- Space Commerce Management
  • Vice Presidential Environmental Plan
  1. Senatorial Presidential Studies- Breach Media Wrong Investigations
  2. Senatorial Presidential Studies- Reform Policy Management
  3. Senatorial Presidential Studies- Administration
  4. Senatorial Presidential Studies- Nuclear & Advanced System Deployment
  5. Senatorial Presidential Studies- Diplomatic Relations
  6. Senatorial Presidential Studies- Occuldent Sciences
  7. Senatorial Presidential Studies- Naturalization & Reclamation Management
  • Presidential Electorate Studies- Junior Semester
  1. Presidential Studies- Senior Exe. Commensurate
  2. Presidential Studies- Exective Address
  3. Presidential Studies- Land & Space Management
  4. Presidential Studies- Public Administration Management
  5. Presidential Studies- Ancilliary Management (Series 1)
  6. Presidential Studies- Tour of Duty Itinerary
  7. Presidential Studies- Service Appreciation
  • Presidential Electorate Studies- Senior Semester
  1. Presidential Studies- New Semester Development
  2. Presidential Studies- Operation Administration
  3. Presidential Studies- Departmental Budget Planning Management
  4. Presidential Studies- Naval, Infantry, Air & Space Fleet Campaign Management
  5. Presidential Studies- Ancilliary Management (Series 2)
  6. Presidential Studies- Regolith Moratorium
  7. Presidential Studies- Base Management (Exit Exam)
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