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Superwikia Term Index:

Superwikia Senate Pantheon

  1. Sessions- Established calendar dates for open polls and debates.
  2. Tribunal- The branch of Superwikia designated for news and updates.
  3. Assembly- The full embodiment of models and their proxy author(s).
  4. Procession- A segment or portion of the Assembly; a mass of supporters under one banner.
  5. Legal Quorum- The period within the Session in which practice moot disputes and aurguements between Assembly members are heard.
  6. Equipose- A confinement or correctional period imposed for violations or negligence.

Superwikia Entities

  1. Confederate- A Superwikia entity which is supported solely by Superwikia.
  2. Republic- An existing entity which has a separate forum outside of Superwikia.
  3. Independent- A previous Superwikia entity which has established a state of independence.
  4. Delegates- A recognized Superwikia model or proxy representative that attends an Assembly.
  5. Data Model- A Supermodel, Super Character or other central member
  6. Data Colony- A settlement or component under the jurisdiction of a confederate, republic or independent entity.
  7. Supercorp- A corporation or incorporated being of the SuperWikia family of wikias.

Superwikia Logic

  1. Schedules- Required calendars of 52, 12, or 7 cyclic yearly activities of any given Assembly.
  2. Tutorials- A self-support training module, usually credit is given to Assembly members for submitting unto the Superwikia forum.
  3. Additional Authors- A co-author, apprentice, intern or understudy of an Assembly delegate. (non bureaucrat)
  4. Endorsements (Rear Text)- One of seven types of archivial recordings used by an author to serve as a closing handle; situated at the bottom of an article in which native, internal and external notation, cites or other 'definities' are kept and Supermodel spreads are exercised. They are:
    1. Basis of Work- which presents the work entry from its point of origin.
    2. References- which establish the native Superwikia usage and discussions.
    3. Articles- all articles or other buildform which support the current article.
    4. Non-SuperWikia- any work or other references mentioned from another wikia. Not including Sister Wikis.
    5. Definitives- (Inter-Wiki)- any work or reference from a sister wiki; such as
    6. Omitted Parts- any material from a separate work used in the current article or page which was intentionally not included, usually for notes.
    7. Non-Wiki- work used in the article which is not from or derived from a wikia, wiki or orther associated article.

Superwikia Proxeums

  1. Study Proxeums (Superwikia Guilds)- Proxeums are the smallest groups in which Assembly members ‘pledge’ unto. A proxeum may be a simple study group, or a large guild or academy in which the member is further pledged unto a major procession and entity.
  2. Testimonials- Critiques and reviews of delegate tutorials, usually submitted for credit.
  3. Active Campaigns- Any circulating publication endorsing a Superwikia model, entity or environment.
  4. Post Campaign Debriefings- A statement made by the delegates after a major proxeum or procession campaign, usually for credit.

Superwikia Architecture & Model Biographies

  1. Storyboard Kernels- Pre-Assembled environmental templates in ‘shareware’ ‘freeware’ or other 3D format.
  2. Thematic Skewers- Scripts, animation, special effects or other technical enhancements for 3D models
  3. Author Profiles- A directory of delegates, apprentices and other individual contributors.
  4. Producers & Supercorp Listings- A listing of all Superwikia based corporations (Supercorps) which originated within the Superwikia Assembly.

Superwikia Tournaments, Leader Competitions & Challenges

  1. Tournaments- or 'Tourney' Periodic guild versus guild feuds for Superwikia awards and recognition; [Superior and General Tourney](for credit)
  2. Leader Contests- A choreographed exhibition session in which supermodels compete, usually for credit.
  3. Challenges- A text-based competition in which Superwikia knowledge is tested for credit.

Note: Some events require pre-requiste PREREQ (Start Here) status to establish optimal ranking. Consult with a SuperWikia Administrator for details on building your PREREQ profile.'

SuperWikia Support Campaigns & Special Events

  1. Balls
    1. SuperWikia; Nuclear Ball Acollade The SuperWikia Nuclear Ball- The largest formal function in which all SuperWikia Senate members assemble in observation. (Last day of the calendar)
    2. SuperWikia Optimal Ball Endicia The SuperWikia Optimal Ball- The second largest formal function in which ALL OFFICIAL SuperCorp representatives observe. (Nov. 9th)
    3. SuperWikia; Doctrinal Ball Acollade The SuperWikia Doctrinal Ball- The third largest formal function in which INDIVIDUAL Processions and their official representatives observe. (Sept. 5)
    4. SuperWikia; Neural Signal Ball Acollade The SuperWikia Neural Signal Ball- The fourth largest formal function in which TWO or MORE Entities of the same line observe. (July 2)
    5. SuperWikia; Authentication Ball Acollade The SuperWikia Authentication Ball- The fifth formal function in which INDIVIDUAL Entities observe. (May 5th)
    6. SuperWikia; Regolith Ball Acollade The SuperWikia Regolith Ball- The sixth largest function in which ALL OFFICIAL Proxeum and Guild representatives observe. (Mar. 2)
    7. SuperWikia; Betrothal Ball Acollade The SuperWikia Betrothal Ball / Base 3D Technology Ball- The seventh largest formal function in which INDIVIDUAL Proxeums and Guilds observe. Used exclusively in inaugural (Base 3D) and commensurate (Betrothal) observance. (Jan. 4th)
  1. Roasts
  2. Anniversaries
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