This page is designated for the SuperWikia Theme & Amusement Park Listing (Extended Version) and its functions. Its purpose is to create a user-friendly listing of Superwikia 3D-Amusement Parks and Resorts, as compiled by the SuperWikia Staff and management. This page is currently in buildup mode and is subject to change.

SuperWikia 'TAPS' Standards & Building CodesEdit

Theatres, Lots & ComplexesEdit

SuperWikia 'TAPS' Trade, Labor & Commerce CodesEdit

Service Vendor AssocitationsEdit

EPAO ServicesEdit

Light Merchandising AssociationsEdit

SuperWikia 'TAPS' Amusement Exhibits & Entertainment CodesEdit

Basic JurisdictionsEdit

Recreational Exhibits (Rides)Edit

  • Bumper Car & Go Cart Tracks (Indoor)
  • Roller Coaster Stations (outdor)
  • Aquasphere Waterworld (Indoor)
  • New Street & Low Rider Car Rides (Indoors)
  • Drag Race Showcase (Indoor)
  • Omnideck (Indoor Casino/Slot Machines/Stage Shows)
  • Nemesis 3D Virtual Reality Holodeck (Indoor Super Arcade)

Artist Exhibits (Shows & Concerts)Edit

SuperWikia 'TAPS' Packaging & Food Preparation CodesEdit

SuperWikia 'TAPS' Local Rules & Highway CodesEdit

SuperWikia 'TAPS' Executive Management & Operations CodesEdit

SuperWikia 'TAPS' Service Based Consumer CodesEdit

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