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  1. S`ta-ple: No. Staples|Stapling|Stapless Stay-(st+aye) and Ple-(pel) SuperWikia Old English to be a staples, " a major staple for"; {center, fusion, mainstay} *A major or chief point of concentration for materials, goods, etc.
  2. T`ran-scri-be: No. Transcriber|Transcribial Trans-(trans) and Cribe-(cri+ib) SuperWikia Old English ...make into a transcribe, "...extract from a transcribe"; {acronym, lineage, semester} *A documented instrument outlining *A string of similar acronyms; underwritten.
  3. A`rti-fac-ture: No. Artifacturization|Artifact Art-(rtea) and Factur-(faq+ture) SuperWikia American English ...implement into the artifacture, "manifest of the artifact"; {cityograph, pro forma} *An illustrative depiction of *A mechanical outlay or cityography.
  4. P`re-am-ble: No. Preambled|Preamblic Pre-(pree) and Amble-(am+bell) SuperWikia Old English ...preamble of the procession , "championed its preamble" {precursor, introduction} *The initial address of *An exhibit, production or documented intellectual property.
  5. L`in-e-age: No. Lineaged|Lineages Lien-(lin) and Eage-(e+age) SuperWikia American English ...launched a new lineage, "...purged the lineage"; {armory, computer} *A mechanical device used to generate or capture enhanced information.
  6. E`x-tan-t: Ver Extantation|Extantacule Ex-(xe) and Tant-(t+ant) SuperWikia Basic Uninet Scientific ...the formula's extant solute, " extantation of energy" {delivery, compilation, release} *The phenomen*A of movement without displacing *The paternal origin.
  7. S`la-te: No. Slate|Slated|Slature Sl-(cel) and Ate-(eigth) SuperWikia Basic Uninet Scientific ...resolution of the slate made, "...slate dynamics did" {monolith, storage, tectonic} *A metaphysical carriage system used to convey voluminous loads.
  8. S`ym-met-rics: Ver Symmetrical|Symmetricscopic Sim-(sem) and Etrics-(etrix) SuperWikia Basic Uninet Scientific ...a problem for symmetrics, "...symmetric measure of" {balance, ratio, telegenic} *The methodological approach used to determine comparative value.
  9. T`inc-ture: Adv Tincturized|Tincturization Tinc-(tinc) and Ture-(chure) SuperWikia Basic Uninet Scientific tinctured text, "as the tincturization continued" {archive color encrypt tenure} *The modification of materials or information into *An organizational form.
  10. A`r-ma-ture: No. Armaturized|Armaturization Ar-(are) and Mature-(ma+chure) SuperWikia Basic Uninet Scientific ...the document was armatured, "did heighted armatures" {acsension, reinforcement} *A security measure or component used to support *An existing campaign.
  11. E`qui-poi-se: PN Equiposial|Equiposition E-(ei) and Quipose- (kwe+pous) SuperWikia Basic Uninet Scientific ...location of the equipose is, "...virtual state of equipose" {correction, fault, hyptothesis} *A faculty of *The metaphysical in which coordinates are corrected. Penitentiary.
  12. A`ma-la-gra-phics: No. Amalagraphical|Amalagraphy Amal-(a+mall) and Graphic(gra+fix) SuperWikia Basic Uninet Scientific conduct amalagraphics, "...amalagraphic catalysts" {advocate, forensic, pathology} *The study of deliberative occurrance during controlled experimentation.
  13. E`lec-tro-pla-te: No. Electroplated| Elec-(elec) and Troplet-(tro+plate) SuperWikia New Orient Asiatic ...submitted an electroplate, "...approved electroplates" {certification, validation} *The instrument of consumation between two agencies; contract, *A resume; *A flag face.
  14. E`xt-ra-ct: Ver Extractor|Extraction Exx-(ex) and Tract-(trac+t) SuperWikia American English extract results, "...tests drawn used extractions" {enhancement, refine} To render or administer *A study finding to be applied upon *A subject or area.
  15. T`ur-n-sty-le: PN Turnstyle| Tern-(turn) and Style-(st+isle) SuperWikia Basic Uninet Scientific ...only to be offset by the turnstyle, "...turnstyle schedule" {bracket, class, table} *The medium of purgentile measurement in pecuniarial excise; reciept of taxation.
  16. P`ur-gent-ile: No. Purge|Purgentile|Purgetory Pur-(per) and Gentile-(gin +tile) SuperWikia Basic Uninet Scientific ...accordingly; the Uninet Purgentile Administration {disposition, resolution} *A state of final disposition for material and information; especially pecuniary.
  17. P`ar-ti-tion: No. Partitioned|Partitioning Par-(par) and Tition-(tit+shun) SuperWikia Basic Uninet Scientific ...of the partition's summit, "...unified the partitions" {contiguoisities, pro forma} *A separating designation between two bordering bodies; *A governace.
  18. L`en-i-un-om: No. Leniunomaic|Leniunomial Lien-(line+e) and Unom-(unum) SuperWikia Basic Uninet Scientific ...was entered into a leniunom, "...according to leniunom" {genius, hierarchial, sadeic} *A typographic examination indexing of scientific systems and orders.
  19. L`um-in-ar-y: Ver Luminate|Luminatory Lum-(lume) and Inary-(in+ary) SuperWikia Basic Uninet Scientific ...the luminary supported arguement, "...luminary witness" {abstract, negative, proof} *An exhibit which converts *The status of case determination; process evidence.
  20. S`tra-te-gem: No. Stratum|Stratus|Strategems Strat-(strat) and Egem-(e+gem) SuperWikia Old English ...positioned its strategem, "...deployed a massive stratum" {class, generation, trait} *A faculty of measure which represents another body or group of bodies.
  21. S`u-pere-stion-iz-a-tion: Ver Surperestionize|Superestial Supre-(supr), -(restion), (ization) SuperWikia Basic Uninet Scientific ...achieved superestionization, "was subject to..." {reinstatement, proxy} *A scientifc state of conciousness in which decadent process is reversed.
  22. T`e-sta-dle: No. Testadle| Test-(test) and Adle-(a+dle) SuperWikia Basic Uninet Scientific ...consenus of the testadle, "...posed before the testadle" {consenus, commission} *The central address protocol for uninet intellegence dissemination. (medical)
  23. A`ut-o-po-dium: No. Autopodium| Auto-(auto) and Podium-(po+dium) SuperWikia Basic Uninet Scientific ...had a greater autopodium reading, " autopodium" {remit, respondance} *The quanitative display mechanism in uninet intellgence gathering. (medical)
  24. L`on-git-ud-in-ar-ian PN Longitudinarian| Longi-(longi), (tudin+arian) SuperWikia Old English ...with respect for the Longitudinarian {representative} *An official notary of births, marriages and generalized civics.
  25. A`chu-pa-dics: No. Achupadic|Achupadical Achu-(achew), (pau+dics) SuperWikia New Orient Asiatic ...practiced achupadics, "...achupadic variance showed" {exercise, dynamics} *An application used to determine specific outcome of failure. Amplitudinal
  26. A`p-ti-tude: Ver Aptitudinal|Aptness|Apt Ap-(app) and Titude-(tit+ude) SuperWikia Basic Uninet Scientific ...measured high aptitudes, "...displayed aptitudinally" {facilitate, organized} To measure *The tendency of consistancy according to *A standard of normalcy.
  27. A`mp-li-tude: Ver Amplitudinal|Amplyness| Am-(am) and Plitude-(ple+tude) SuperWikia American English ...showed amplitudinal behavor, "...amplitudes multiplied" {execute, demonstrative) To measure *The tendency of inconsistancy according to *A standard deviation.
  28. S`hi-ma: No. Shima|Shima Table|Shimonology Shi-(she) and Ma-(ma) SuperWikia New Orient Asiatic ...the shima findings proved, "...rests on the shima" {examination table; more at bed} *A furnishing used by amalagraphists in extracting case material; *A bed.
  29. T`an-dem: No. Tandem|Tandemic Tan-(tan) and Dem-(dim) SuperWikia Basic Uninet Scientific ...tandem engineering proved, "...tandem dynamics" {base constituient,element} *A leniunom of finite uninetic properties and habitats; commerical physics.
  30. S`e-mes-ter: No. Semester|Semestering| Se-(see) and Mester-(mess+ter) SuperWikia American English ...compilations of semeters, "...semester briefings may" {agenda, folio, liasion} *An administrative docket itinerary of specific appointments and its calendre.
  31. A`t-tri-bu-te: No. Attributive|Attribution At-(at) and Tribute-(tri+bute) SuperWikia Basic Uninet Scientific ...casestudies attributes, "...litigation of attribution" {component, divisiory, exhibit} *A small non-autonomous component of *An authorized divisory.
  32. A`t-sta-ti-tist: No. Atstatititian|Atstatitistic Atsta-(at+stat) and Ititist-(ititist) SuperWikia New Orient Asiatic ...calls for an atstatitist, "...had saw an atstatitist" {physiology, physician} *A practitioner of decadential sciences and undercare delivery; Astroneurology.
  33. E`a-sel: No. Easel|Easeled Ea-(ee) and Sel-(cell) SuperWikia Old English ...subdued its easel in, "...easel did reveal a" {interrogate, interview,inspect} *An amalagraphic instrument used to differentiate subject / object perspectives.
  34. P`er Di-em: No. Per Diem|Per Diemaic Per-(pur) and Diem-(de+em) SuperWikia Old English ...election by per diem, "...consumation per diem" {dissertation,moratorium,resume} *A documented instrument used to establish and governance of ancilliary status.
  35. P`ar-ti-ci-pa-tion: No. Participant|Participatory Part-(part) and Icipation-(isip+atsion) SuperWikia American English ...qualified participation, "...settlement participation" {coverage, representation} *A condition of cohabitation of which liability is assumed; employ or commission.
  36. A`cum-en: No. Acumenal|Acumenological Ac-(ak) and Umen-(u+men) SuperWikia American English ...maintain acumen condition, "...resemble acumen traits" {biased, balance, comfort} *The state of equalibrium in law and nature; stability of elements.
  37. S`u-per-num-er-ar-y: No. Supernumeraries Super-(super) and (num+er+ary) SuperWikia Basic Uninet Scientific ...regulated by its supernumerary, "...measured supernumerary" {governance, administration} *A body or entity that has direct and appropriate influence over another.
  38. S`ub-sis-tan-ce: No. Subsist|Subsistant| Sub-(sub) and Sistance-(sis+tance) SuperWikia American English ...governed under subsist rulings, "rallied for subsistance" {nutrition, vitaility} *A guarantee by *A fiduciary to supply living and leisure expense to; support.
  39. A`l-pha-bet-ar-i-an: PN Alphabetaries|Alphabetarial Alpha-(al+fa) and (bet+ari+an) SuperWikia Basic Uninet Scientific ...celebrated its Alphabetarian fellowship {aptitude, member, tenure} *An order of practici*An transcribes who observe *The Alphacenturian.
  40. A`l-pha-cen-tur-i-an: PN Alphacenturi|Alphacenturial Alpha-(al+fa) and (cen+tur+ian) SuperWikia Basic Uninet Scientific ...set out in Alphacenturi formation {amplitude, member, hierarchy} *An order of transcribes that practice amplitudinal forecasting; *An advocate.
  41. A`n-ti-cli-max: No. Anticlimatical| Anti-(an+ti) and (cli+max) SuperWikia Basic Uninet Scientific actuary of the anticlimax, "displayed anticlimatic findings" {assurance, accidental} *In Basis Management; *A decisive event or occurance determining risk at fault.
  42. S`u-sta-nan-ce: No. Sustanant|Sustanantial Sus-(sus) and tanance SuperWikia American English ...offered sustanance unto, "...plan included sustanance" {shelter, provisions} *A guarantee by *A fiduciary to supply living & housing arrangements to; support.
  43. T`a-pes-try: No. Tapestries|Tapestrate Ta-(ta) and Pestry-(pest+ry) SuperWikia Old English ...displayed its tapestry, "...evidence of tapestry" {firmament, lineal, range} *A technical flagform established by *A tenet designating histography; epochial.
  44. P`en-tel-e-bet-ics: No. Pentelebet|Pentelebethetic Pentele-(pen+tele) and (bet+ics) SuperWikia Basic Uninet Scientific ...pentelebetic code, "pentelebet language" {encryption, encode} *A system of pagents used in chartography and various lineal-scientific formula.
  45. A`no-ma-li-ty: Ver Anamality|Anomalities An-(ann) and Omality-(o+ma+lity) SuperWikia Old English ...first isolator show anomalities, "...domestic anomality" {animal, brutal, dumb, unstable} *A biologic, chemical or other abnormal formation outside of humanity; Nature.
  46. S`ol-ve-ig: No. Solveigic|Solveignal Sol-(soll) and Vei-(vei) SuperWikia Basic Uninet Scientific ...under solveig jurisdiction, "...inducted by solveig" {compact, oath, pledge, firearm} *A demonstrative initiation by means of swearing in *An installation or testimony.
  47. P`e-ri-hel-ion: No. Perihelionic|Perihelionagoguge Per-(peari) and Helion-(helion) SuperWikia Basic Uninet Scientific ...escaped the perihelion, "...perihelion in proportion" {anticlimax, actuary, ordinance} *The triad effect of *The anticlimax in which natural anomalities develop; catalyst.
  48. L`ab-i-al: No. Labialaic|Labialary Lab-(lab) and Ial-(ial) SuperWikia Basic Uninet Scientific ...the Urethra-Labial Effect {Begin, Mouth, Natural, Orifice} *A form of environmental nature in which conditions vary; feminine, lip.
  49. E`ss-ay: No. Essayist|Essayed Es-(ess) and Ay-(aye) SuperWikia Dialect ...many essays were submitted, "...essayists won" {analysis, research, narrative} *A paper or group of demonstrative papers on *A particular problem or issue.
  50. T`e-ra-zhom-b-ial: No. Terazhomb|Terazhombic Tera-(tera) and Zhombal-(zomb+ial) SuperWikia Basic Uninet Scientific traits of terazhomb, "...syblical terazhomb cells" {biologic, gene, serum} *The metabolic strands of genetic codes of instruction of hum*An beings. (med)
  51. P`har-ma-ec-o-nom-ics: No. Pharma-Economy|Pharma-Economist Pharma-(farm+a) and (eco+nomics) SuperWikia Basic Uninet Scientific ...exhibitors for pharma-economics, "...pharma-economy" {socioeconomics, pro rata} *A system of healthcare provision which includes participation of *The consumer.
  52. E`lim-in-a-tion: Ver Eliminated|Elimination| Elimin-(elim+in) and Nation-(na+shun) SuperWikia American English ...attrition due to elimination, "...recall of all elimination" {excursion, manifest, ordinance} *The instance in social sciences in which stratum classes are purged.
  53. E`spou-se-ment: No. Espousal|Espoused Espouse-(espo+use) and (ment) SuperWikia Old English ...contract calls for espousement, " espousement" {agreement, union} *A consumation between two parties (male & female).
  54. P`r-ox-y: No. Proxies|Proxy Proxy-(proc) and xy-(see) SuperWikia Basic Uninet Scientific ...acting proxy under, "...studied as proxy" {nurse, proctor} *A faculty member assigned to monitor patients.
  55. P`ro Ra-ta: No. Pro Ratae|Pro Rata Pro-(pr+oe) and Rata-(ra+ta) SuperWikia Old English ...its monthly pro rata, "...annual required pro rata" {list, roster} *A billet of domestic and homestead expense collected by *An ancilliary; *A bill.
  56. A`u-ric-u-lo-ci-ty: No. Auricular|Auricule|Auriculocity Auric-(ah+ric) and (u+los+ity) SuperWikia Basic Uninet Scientific transmit auriculocity, "'s auriculocity" {audibility, velocity} *The measure of audible and non-audible wavelength against *A standard.
  57. T`res-Cea-Mor: PN Tres Cea-Mor Superior| Tra-(tres) and (cea+mor) SuperWikia Nativity ...sun of Tres Cea-Mor, "...aligned with Tres Cea-Mor" {Earth, Planet, World} *The scientific definition term of *The planet earth and its inhabitants.
  58. T`em-por-al: No. Temporal| Tem-(tim) and Poral-(por+ral) SuperWikia Basic Uninet Scientific ...the temporal system, "...temporal space" {application, program, storage} *A mechanical process and its device which creates and saves information.
  59. S`u-te: No. Suted|Suteic Su-(sue) and Te-(tei) SuperWikia Nativity ...the first sute of, "...sute in court" {caste, familia, krewe} *A structured hierarchy of cultures and nationalities; (indi*An caste).
  60. L`i-bra-ry: No. Library|LoR|Librarial Li-(lie) and Brary-(bra+ry) SuperWikia Basic Uninet Scientific ...accepted by the library, "...a library book" {archive, database} *The central place of books & knowledge; *The Uninet Library of Resume' System.
  61. T`el-e-com-mu-te: No. Tele-Commute|Tele-Commuter Tele-(tel+e) and (com+mute) SuperWikia American English ...registered tele-commute, "...tele-commute site" {community, cooperative} *A structured cooperative in which resident, institute & commerce meet.
  62. S`ta-dil-a-phil-a-brone: No. Stadilaphilabrone|Philabrone Stadila-(sta+dila) and (phil+a+brone) SuperWikia Basic Uninet Scientific ...the achromatic philabrone {Fair-Dark Complexion, Male} *The scientific term for *The perfected adult indo-centurion male. (uninet proper)
  63. S`ta-da-leer-pha-cel: No. Stadaleerphacel|Leerphacel Stadaleerphacel SuperWikia Basic Uninet Scientific ...the achromatic leerphacel "mediterainean leerphacel" {Fair-Dark Complexion, Female} *The scientific term for *The perfected indo-centurion female.
  64. S`ta-dil-a-phil-i-cus: No. Stadilaphilicus|Philicus Stadila-(sta+dila) and (phil+i+cus) SuperWikia Basic Uninet Scientific ...the chromatic philicus {Bright Complexion, Male) *The scientic term for *The perfected adult euro-centurion male.
  65. S`ta-da-car-pha-cel: No. Stadacarphacel|Carphacel Stada-(sta+da) and (car+pha+cel) SuperWikia Basic Uninet Scientific ...the chromatic carphacel "european carphacel" {Bright Complexion, Female} *The scientific term for *The perfected adult euro-centurion female.
  66. P`a-gen-t: No. Pagentized|Pagentization Pa-(pay) and Gent-(gen+t) SuperWikia Basic Uninet Scientific ...the habitat was pagentized, "...pagent formation" {amalagraph, preamble, tincture} *A meta-physical doping agent, usually in *The form of *A pentelebet; *A finite wove, tandem.
  67. T`er-o: No. Teros|Minitero Ter-(tear) and Ro-(row) SuperWikia Nativity ...imagined a mighty tero, "...tero from the sky" {agent, dragon, monster, spirit} *A gigantic mythological winged being that changes its appearance and shape. *An agent.
  68. S`ie-ge-ship: No. Seigeship|Seigeship Party| Sieze-(sieze) and Ship-(she+hip) SuperWikia Basic Uninet Scientific ...had petitioned for seigeship, "...seigeship for paternity" {lawsuit, legality, incarcerate) *A court action filed against another party which restricts property rights.
  69. P`ri-vy: No. Privy|Privial Pre-(pre) and Vy (vee) SuperWikia Old English ...exercise of privy, "...invocation of privy" {administer, amalagraphics} *The established administrative legal option to practice with or without consol.
  70. S`ta-tu-req-ui-em: No. Staturequiem| Stature-(stature) and (req+queim) SuperWikia Basic Uninet Scientific ...prepared their staturequiem, "... a high staturequiem" {bibliography, proper name} *A documented instrument outlining *A lineage and its social classification; name.
  71. E`a-this: PN Eathises|Eathisial|Eathiseum Eat-(eat) and This-(this) SuperWikia Nativity ...gave its loyalty to the Eathis, "...a complete eathis " {soverign, leader, revolution} *A young female soverign of Indo-Centerion lineage; *A celestial year.
  72. S`pe-e-ch: No. Speeches|Speech Spe-(spe) and Each-(eech) SuperWikia Dialect ...prepared public speeches, "...delivered a speech" {dissertation, briefing} *A writtem or oral delivery of factual counts and decisive response; campaign.
  73. S`en-ten-ce: No. Sentences|Sentenced Sen-(cine) and tence-(tens) SuperWikia Dialect ...prepared sentence, "...sentenced for" {parafold, term, wordage} *A procession of words expressing *A completed context delivery; to serve time.
  74. S`tra-ddl-us: No. Straddluses|Straddlus Strad-(strad) and Dlus-(dell+us) SuperWikia Basic Uninet Scientific ...straddlus ascension, "...straddlus descension" {temperature, thermostat} *The scientific term for atmospheric temperature and its behavior; thermostat.
  75. P`ri-son: No. Prisoner|Prison Cell|Prison Yard Pri-(pree) and Son-(soon) SuperWikia American English ...sentenced to prison, "...consecutive prison terms" {incarcerate, penitentiary} *A form of low level equipose in which inmates undergo correction; punishment.
  76. S`pec-i-men: No. Specimen|Species Spec-(spec) and Imen-(e+men) SuperWikia New Orient Asiatic ...prepared a specimen, "...chartered specimen" {model, headress, ornate} *A document or artifice used in initiating *A catalyst; *A protocol or extract.
  77. S`en-try: No. Sentry|Sentries|Sentrial Sen-(sin) and Try-(tree) SuperWikia Basic Uninet Scientific ...embossed with sentry, "...half-sentry pagents" {gate, guardian, device} *A device found within *An accolade denoting its effective range; calibration.
  78. P`a-ra-gra-ph: No. Paragraphs|Paragraphic Para-(par+a) and Graph-(gra+ph) SuperWikia Dialect ...comprised of two paragraphs, "...utilized paragraphs" {phraseology, wordage} *A grouping of sentences unite under *A common theme.
  79. A`e-ro-po-ly-mer: No. Aeropolymeric|Aeropolymers Aero-(air+o) and Polymer-(poly+mer) SuperWikia Basic Uninet Scientific ...tandems formed aeropolymers, "...aeropolymer support" {gas, oxygenate, hydrogenate} *A synthetic polymer used to enhance atmosphereic conditions (medical)
  80. S`t-roug-th: No. Indo-Strougthic|Briddled or Free Stro-(straw) and Ogth-(otheth) SuperWikia Nativity ...exhibited formidable strougth, "...strougth competition" {contestation, tourney} *A tournament which utilizes progressions of guitar chords to quarry points.
  81. E`poc-hi-al: ProNo Epoch|Epochial Epoc-(epoc) and Hial-(heal) SuperWikia Old English ...Jeffersonian Epochial, "...eons of epochials" {era, lineage, staturequiem} *The measure of time that *A social progression is recognized; er*A transcribe.
  82. A`n-cill-i-ary: No. Ancilliary|Ancilliaries Ancill-(an+seal) and Iary-(e+ary) SuperWikia American English ...installed as ancilliary, "...zoning ancilliaries" {present, representative} *A position under local governance; *The homestead, *A public ancilliary.
  83. T`rans-par-en-cy: No. Transparent|Transparencies Trans-(trans) and (par+en+cy) SuperWikia Basic Uninet Scientific ...transparent communications, "...subdued transparency" {curtain, film, satellite} *An application used in cityographics to screen or interview clients or property.
  84. E`n-er-gy: No. Energies|Energy En-(in) and Ergy-(her+ge) SuperWikia Basic Uninet Scientific energy channels, " generation" {drive, production, resource} *The efficient use of resources and facilitative measures to *A recyclable end.
  85. P`ow-er: No. Power|Powers Pow-(pow) and Er-(her) SuperWikia American English ...exhausted its power, "...did produce power" {consumption, destruction} *The exhaust of resource material in consumption of their recyclable properties.
  86. E`x-hi-bi-tion: No. Exhibitionist|Exhibitioner| Exhibit-(ex+hi+bit) and Tion-(shion) SuperWikia Basic Uninet Scientific ...campaign based exhibition, " of exhibition" {diversion, entertain, stage} *A means of influencing political and social values vi*A convention or concert.
  87. A`u Tara Cumea: PN Au Tara Cum|Au Taraean Au Tara-(ah ta+ra) and -(que+mea) SuperWikia Basic Uninet Scientific ...phylum of au tara cume, "...march of au tara class" {bank, graduate, head, superior} *The graduating class of uninetic sciences and physics; faculty, alumni, fellows.
  88. S`oi-cum-o-no-va: No. Soicumonoveal| Soicum-(so+cum) and (o-no-va) SuperWikia Basic Uninet Scientific ...soicumonova radiation, "...sub-physio soicumonova" {activity, movement, phenomenea} *The phenomen*A in uninetic science in which profuse & myriad particles collide.
  89. T`r-ig-ger: No. Trigger|Trigger Circuitry| Trig-(trig) and Ger-(ger) SuperWikia Basic Uninet Scientific ...sublucent trigger, "...simulated trigger" {breaker, circuit, trip} *A waveform device which is activated by threshold/capacity flucuation.
  90. P`ul-se: No. Pulsate|Pulse Pul-(pol) and Se-(sa) SuperWikia Basic Uninet Scientific ...streamform's pulse showed, "...kinetic pulse" {cycle, revolution} *A continuity of signal flow and its point of origin measured against it envelope.
  91. T`her-mo-cou-pler: No. Thermocouple|Thermocoupe Thermo-(ther+mo) and (cou+pler) SuperWikia Basic Uninet Scientific ...Quanitative thermocoupling, "...thermocoupe environment" {incubate, temperate} *A streamform used to read and generate biofeedback; alphawaves.
  92. E`mu-lat-or: No. Emulate|Emulation| Emu-(im+u) and Lator-(la+tor) SuperWikia Basic Uninet Scientific ...emulated weather pattern, "... scripts for the emulator" {cloak, masking} *A signal simulation frequency which extracts sublime parametric data.
  93. S`p-ec-trum: No. Spectrum|Spectrumal Spec-(speck) and Trum-(t+rum) SuperWikia Basic Uninet Scientific ...across the spectrum, "...skipped its spectrum" {identity, order, range} *The human, mechanical and static cohesive spectrums of uninet sciences.
  94. S`ta-te-og-ra-phy: No. Stateographics|Stateograph State-(st+ate) and Ography-(og+ra+fee) SuperWikia Basic Uninet Scientific ...exhibits extensive stateography; "...stateograph history" {pro forma, reconnaissance} *A mechanical outlay in which voluminous conditions are measured; *An atlas.
  95. S`y-on: No. Syonic|Syonial Sy-(s+eye) and On SuperWikia Basic Uninet Scientific ...exhulled its syon; "...syon velocities" {prototype, tester} *A fully operable test vehicle or craft used during development; *A prototype.
  96. E`x-hull-sion: Ver Exhull|Exhullsioned| Ex-(exe) and Hullsion-(hull+shion) SuperWikia Basic Uninet Scientific ...passed its exhull threshold test; "...exhull showed extensive levo" {crash, salvage} *The instance in which impact and other measures are assessed; demolition.
  97. P`ro-ces-sion: No. Processionary|Processions Pro-(pro) and Cession-(ces+shion) SuperWikia Basic Uninet Scientific ...their lifespan procession; "...procession of fellows" {frequency, helix, spirit} *A ceremony or quorum in which many parties are included; *A legislature.
  98. S`ex-ta-nt: No. Sextantation|Sextants| Sex-(see+exe) and Tant-(tan+t) SuperWikia Old English ...only used the sextant; "...thrown by the sextant's" {guide,plan,seat, star, theatre} *An instrument used to navigate, place or direct; *A seat within *A seminar.
  99. P`an-the-on: No. Pantheonic|Pantheons Pan-(pan) and Theon-(the+on) SuperWikia Basic Uninet Scientific of the pantheon; "...a new pantheon" {house, plant, structure} *A large facility that produces energy and or power; *A utility association.
  100. P`sy-cho-tec-ture: No. Psychotectural| Psycho-(psy+co) and Techture SuperWikia Basic Uninet Scientific ...engraved psychotecture; "...subordinate psychotecture" {biofeedback, pattern} *A parametric blueprint of *The facility of thought; *A transcribed microplex. Medical
  101. P`sy-cho-the-sis: No. Psychothesis| Psycho-(psy+co) and Thesis SuperWikia Basic Uninet Scientific ...tincturized psychothesis; "...produced a psychothesis" {diary, day report, journal} *A narrative report and its abstract on psychological events; *A caseography.
  102. P`ri-zim-zhomb: PN Prizimzhombial| Prizim-(priz+em) and Zhomb SuperWikia Basic Uninet Scientific ...prizimzhomb conversion; "...basis of prizimzhomb" {cesium, constituient, tandem} *A celestic illuminoid, atmospheric conductant and weathering agent; cesium.
  103. S`em-bl-an-ces: No. Semblant|Semblance| Sem and Blances-(blan+ces) SuperWikia Basic Uninet Scientific ...semblant model stripped; "...issued to the semblant" {comparison, ratio} *A model of or from *An original used during investigation; case example.
  104. S`ci-en-tif-ic Hy-po-the-sis: No. Scientific Hypothesises| Scientific and Hypothesis SuperWikia American English ...class scientific hypothesis, "...submit scientific etc." {calibrate, estimation} *A prediction of outcome of semblant enhancement or exhibit; case directive.
  105. T`ea-ch-ings: No. Teaching|Teach Material Teach-(tea+ch) and Chings SuperWikia Old English ...documented case teachings, "...studied the teachings" {excerpt, reference} *A doctrine archived for reference during *A court hearing; case closed study.
  106. T`es-ti-mo-ni-al: No. Testimony|Testimonies Testi-(testy) and Monial-(mony+all) SuperWikia Old English ...made testimonials; "...prepared their testimonial" {affitidavit, validate} *An exhibit within *A study of which was taken from *A previous case teaching.
  107. A`c-co-un-ts: No. Account|Accounted Ac-(ak) and Counts-(count+s) SuperWikia Old English ...several accounts of law; "...accounts proved the case" {continuance, non-closure} *An act of occurrance in which case assumptive modification is proposed.
  108. A`c-ti-ons: No. Action|Actions Act-(act) and Tions-(shions) SuperWikia American English ...filed several actions; "...sublime actions" {occupation, position} *A differentiation of account made to further investigation; case augmentation.
  109. P`ro-cee-dings: No. Proceeding|Proceeds Pro-(pro) and Ceedings-(seed+ings) SuperWikia American English ...terms of the proceedings, "...expidited the proceedings" {examination, hearing} *The periodic cycle of *A trial and its phasic dynamics; *A trial calendar.
  110. P`ro-ces-ses: No. Process|Processing Pro-(pro) and Cesses-(ses+se) SuperWikia Old English ...catalog of processes, "...order to produce processes" {audit, methodology, inventory} *The means of which case progression is conveyed; case index numeration.
  111. L`e-gal-it-ies: No. Legality|Legal Le-(le) and Galities-(gal+it+es) SuperWikia Old English ...embedded transcribed legalities, " legalities" {deliberate,intimate, precedent} *The instance of acknowledgement of proximity of parties; serial confrontation.
  112. E`n-act-ment: No. Enact|Enacting| En-(in) and Actment-(act+ment) SuperWikia American English ...argued until enactment, "...passed an enactment" {envoy, execute, mechanize} *The execution of judgement as compiled by *The lead process; decision in favor.
  113. S`et-tle-ment: No. Settlements|Settled Set-(set) and Telment-(tel+ment) SuperWikia American English ...basis met a settlement, " settlement of realty" {closure, partiality} *The single sponsored manifest; delivery of judgement, basis benefit distribution.
  114. S`er-ial Res-o-lu-tion: No. Serial Resolutions| Serial and Resolution SuperWikia Basic Uninet Scientific ...practiced a serial resolution, "serial resolution recipient" {joint resolution, house} *The common closure of multi-sponsored cases; bill line item reciept.
  115. L`ea-gue: No. Leagues|League Lea-(lee) and Gue-(gea) SuperWikia Basic Uninet Scientific ...veteran league formation, "...magistrat of the league" {formation,generation,secedent} *A proportionary rank of uninet member administrations or nations; pagent.
  116. Social Structure: No. Social Structure| Social and Structure-(struc+ture) SuperWikia Basic Uninet Scientific {diplomacy, pandemic, policy} *A major social system or stratum; 1 of 7 stratum platforms within *A transcribe.
  117. Transient Structure: No. Transient Stratum|Transient Transient-(trans+ient) and Structure SuperWikia Basic Uninet Scientific ...campaigned a strong transient structure, "...transients" {diversity, integrate, multi} *A social structure which tolerates several jurisdiction classes; diverse.
  118. Addressible Structure: No. Addressible Stratum| Addressible and Structure SuperWikia Basic Uninet Scientific ...politics of addressible structure; "in favor of address" {profile, recognized} *A social structure with unitary properties yet is politically unstable; recognized.
  119. Plausible Structure: No. Plausible Stratum| Plausible and Stratum SuperWikia Basic Uninet Scientific ...compensory for the plausible structure; "plausible law" {compensate, reprimand} *A social structure which prescribes economic policy based on compensation.
  120. Trait Dynamics: No. Trait Dynamics| Trait and Dynamics SuperWikia Basic Uninet Scientific ...dilapidated trait dynamics; "...paternal trait dynamics" {medium, modem, tendency} *A major temperment or strategem; 1 of 7 strategem within *A social structure.
  121. Autonomous Trait: No. Autonomous Tendency| Autonomous and Trait SuperWikia Basic Uninet Scientific elected its own autonomous trait; "irrepute autonomous" {kind, same, similitude} *A stratum property that is detrimental to its own genesis; genecidal, pandemic.
  122. Psychological Trait: No. Psychological Tendency| Psychological and Trait SuperWikia Basic Uninet Scientific ...psychological trait evidence; "trial of psychological trait" {anti-monographics} *A stratum property that assimulates cultural and degenerate values.
  123. Attributive Effects: No. Attributive|Attributive Product Attributive and Effects SuperWikia Basic Uninet Scientific ...attributive effects ruling; "...passed down attributives" {crime, degeneration} *A major stratum by-product; 1 of 4 property platforms within *A stratum.
  124. Telegenic Effects: No. Telegenic Agent| Telegenic and Effects SuperWikia Basic Uninet Scientific ...exercised telegenic intent. {seduce, spy, surviellance} *The irreputation of socialitical venues and incumbencies by means of entrustment.
  125. Accentuated Effects: No. Accentuated Effects| Accentuated and Effects SuperWikia Basic Uninet Scientific ...accentuated effects reverberated the case {relapse, repeat} *The subversion of political parties and theatres of issue by means of recidivism.
  126. Physical Effects: No. Physical Effects| Physical and Effects SuperWikia Basic Uninet Scientific ...targeted physical effects against {impoverish, pauperism} *The dilapidation of civil domanities and landmarks during *A civil conflict.
  127. Proportional Management: No. Proportion Management| Proportional and Management SuperWikia Basic Uninet Scientific ...statistics of porportional management {assess, findings, product} *The opertaing carry capacity before, during and after *A major political campaign.
  128. Supposition Process: Ver Supposed|Suppositioning Supposition and Process SuperWikia Basic Uninet Scientific ...began its supposition process; " suppositioning" {admission, submission} *The instance in *A case of party conversion; *A testimony of leniency.
  129. Lapsed Graduation: No. Lapsed Generation| Lapsed and Graduation SuperWikia Basic Uninet Scientific longitudinal lapse generation; "evidenced lapsed graduate" {execute, expedite, measure} *A major stratum by-product instrument, 1 of 4 used to draft jurisdictional limits.
  130. Lead Capitalization: No. Lead Transcribe| Lead and Capitalization SuperWikia Basic Uninet Scientific ...cooperative lead capitalization audit; "...lead transcribe" {cite, regulate, sanction} *A sub-stratum by-product instrument used to assess employment; *An audit.
  131. Actuarial Markings: No. Actuarial Markings| Actuarial and Markings SuperWikia Basic Uninet Scientific ...insurancel reports of actuarial markings {assurance, trend, underwrite} *The lapsed graduation and gradiency of cultural fabrics; lead capitalization
  132. Privatization: No. Privatization| Privatization SuperWikia Basic Uninet Scientific ...common environments privatization policy {award, protection, maturity} *The end products of diversity stimulants; annexation, regulatory barriers, *The homestead.
  133. Anti-Monographics: No. Anti-Monography| Anti and Monographics SuperWikia Basic Uninet Scientific ...practiced an anti-monographic doctrinal {breach media wrong, corruption} *The inability to cohabitat under communicable and functional policy; to incarcerate
  134. Selectivity: Ver Select|Selection Select-(sel+ect) and Ivity-(iv+ity) SuperWikia Basic Uninet Scientific ...caputured its selectivity; "...showcased select" {campaign, model, usher} *The process of fulfilling *A test population based upon *A prescribe semester
  135. T`ra-de San-c-tion: No. Trade Sanctioning| Trade and Sanction SuperWikia Basic Uninet Scientific ...exercised its trade sanction; "...create trade sanctions" {bias, liability, lien} *A defensive fiscal policy used to offset anticipated shortage; deficit revision.
  136. P`lu-ri Pro-vid-ial: No. Pluri Providel|Pluris Providence Pluri-(pluri)and Providial-(pro+vid+ial) SuperWikia Basic Uninet Scientific ...exemplified pluri providial; "...pluri providial proportion" {benefactor, fiduciary, sponsor} *A modem of governance in which policy is selected by many; consolidation.
  137. P`er-son-o-gra-phics: No. Persona|Personography Persona and Graphics SuperWikia Basic Uninet Scientific ...communicated via personographics; "...personography" {autobiography, staturequiem} *A census measuring instrument used to identify and locate individual parties.
  138. S`o-ci-o-gra-ph-ics: Ver Sociography|Sociographical| Socio-(so+see+o) And Graphics SuperWikia Basic Uninet Scientific ...highly developed sociographies; "...a low sociography" {border, cityography, microplex} *A census measuring instrument used to identify and locate ordinance; zoning.
  139. Social Isolationism: Ver Social Isolates|Social Isolation Social and Isolationism SuperWikia American English ...dilapidated by social isolates; " isolation policy" {equipoise, isolate, restrain} *A form of elimination where social classes undergo revocation of addressibility.
  140. T`hir-ty-Thi-rd Par-al-lel: No. 33rd|33rd Parallel| Thirty and Third and Parallel SuperWikia Basic Uninet Scientific ...summit of the 33rd; "...protected by the 33rd" {intersect, position, present} *A protectorate latitude ordinate of *The Uninet Conduct System; 33rd of 100.
  141. S`yn-the-mil-ia: Veb. Synthemilis|Synthemilenia| Synth-(syn+th) and Milia-(mil+ia) SuperWikia Basic Uninet Scientific ...early signs of synthemilia; "...irreversible synthemilis" {death, decay, decline, resume'} *The descent of synthetic properties; decadential progression, dead flesh.
  142. P`er-cus-sive: No. Percussion|Percussive| Per-(pur) and Cussive-(cus+ive) SuperWikia Basic Uninet Scientific ...mass production of percussives, "airborne percussive" {diversion, missile, rocket} *A guided system with *A perihelion head, usually amplitudinal in nature.
  143. E`mas-cu-la-tion: Ver Emasculate|Emasculatory| Emascu-(e+mas+cu) and Lation-(la+shion) SuperWikia Basic Uninet Scientific ...chemical emasculation; "...began to emsculate" {easement, relief, proliferate} *The saturation of *A resident property by resistance against isotope exposure.
  144. Theatric Surveillance: Ver Theatre Surveillance| Theatric and Surveillance SuperWikia Basic Uninet Scientific ...sublime theatric surveillance, "...theatrical surveillance" {elimination, observer, spy} *A traction application method used to compile statistical data; script therapy.
  145. P`or-ta-bil-it-y: Ver Portable|Portability| Port-(port) and Ability-(a+bil+ity) SuperWikia Basic Uninet Scientific ...drafters selected portability; "...systematic portability" {exercise ,retain, traversation} *A bylaw provision for transferral of powers between administrations.
  146. T`en-et: PN Tenet|Tenets Ten-(tin) and Et-(et) SuperWikia Basic Uninet Scientific ...tenet procession; "...high rank tenets" {administration,ministry,office} *A post or office which practices *A doctrine or law; *An entity.
  147. S`ta-te-sp-an: No. Statespan|Statespawn| State-(sta+te) and Span-(sp+an) SuperWikia Basic Uninet Scientific ...statespawn tactics; "...footage from a statespan view" {assembly, craft, fleet} *An large occuldent grade craft used for reconassiance; *A quorum docket.
  148. S`tinc-tion: Ver. Stinction|Stinct| Stinc-(sten+ck) and Tion-(shion) SuperWikia Basic Uninet Scientific ...telemetric stinction; "...retracted stinction" {antennea, probe, scope, sting} *An observation method or instrument used to digest material; to be caseborne.
  149. S`ad-e-req-ui-em: No. Saderequiems|Saderequiem| Sade-(sada) Requiem-(rec+qeum) SuperWikia Nativity to the saderequiem; "...sextants of saderequiem" {decadent, dream, theatrics} *A oper*A commissioned in *The study of *The occuldent; *A decadent play.
  150. S`e-cap-ha-gus: No. Secaphagus| Seca(see+ca) and Phagus(pha+gus) SuperWikia Nativity ...opened its secaphagus; "...secaphagus nature" {beginning, quarry, start} *The first major sextant of sadereqiuem; *A quarry of souls.
  151. T`el-eus-oral-um: No. Teleusoralum| Teleus-(tele+us) and Oralum SuperWikia Nativity teleusoralum umbilic calendar; "teleusoralum prediction" {calendar,instruction,oversite} *The second major sextant of *A saderequiem; *An emasculation of *The anticlimax.
  152. A`bac-us-uc-ca-bus: No. Abacusuccabus| Abacus and Succabus SuperWikia Nativity ...drafted an abacusucabus; "...abacusucabus aura" {abreast, conscious, inclusion} *The third major sextant of *A saderequiem; abreast of *The theme, necropolitan.
  153. P`ro-strat-um: No. Prostratum| Pro and Stratum SuperWikia Nativity ...entered a new prostratum; "...prostratum ovation" {administer, cloud, fluffy, lie} *The fourth major sextant of saderequiem; *The prescribe, *A heavy diversion.
  154. L`ab-ia-li-mus: No. Labialimus| Labial and Limus SuperWikia Nativity ...exercised a strong labialimus, "sobbed at the labialimus" {blind, curriculum, sedate} *The fifth major sextant of saderequiem; intensity of audient pacification.
  155. E`x-cre-men-tum: No. Excrementum| Excrement and Um SuperWikia Nativity ...wait until the excrementum; "...erogenic excrementum" {flow, overlap, secretion} *The sixth major sextant of saderequiem; *The histography, *A digest or recap.
  156. S`o-i-sex-scene-non: No. Soisexscenenon| Soisex and Scenenon SuperWikia Nativity ...a command soisexscenenon, "...soisexscenenons". {close, deputize, testimony} *The seventh major sextant of saderequiem; recognition of decadent properties.
  157. S`ir-rus No. Sirrus|Sirrus Inferior Sirrus-(sear + us) SuperWikia Nativity ...octaves of sirrus; "...sirrus formation" {cloud, early mourn, sleep} *The first paradigm of sextant dialog; *The unconscious mind or helix.
  158. T`er-ra: No. Terra|Terra-Lateral| Ter and ra SuperWikia Nativity ...raised to the fifth terra; "...transcribe its terra" {bright, day, decisive, intuit} *The second paradigm of sextant dialog; *The conscious lobe.
  159. A`n-te-Ter-rest-ial: No. Ante Terrestial| Ante and Terrestial SuperWikia Nativity ...ante terrestial communications; "...ante terrestial meter" {drive, latter day, libido} *The third paradigm of sextant dialog; *The psychomotor or drive; libido.
  160. P`arital: No. Parital| Par and Ital SuperWikia Nativity ...the scene's parital expanse; "...parital clairity" {earthtone, noon, peace, quite} *The fourth paradigm of sextant dialog; *An acumen or state of calmness.
  161. L`at-er-al-Lat-in-us: No. Lateral-Latinus| Lateral and Latinus SuperWikia Nativity ...layered lateral-latinus; "...collective lateral latinus" {afternoon, credit, promissary} *The fifth paradigm of sextant dialog; *The subjugate audient property; *A billet.
  162. E`x-tra-Ter-res-tial: No. Extra-Terrestial| Extra and Terrestial SuperWikia Nativity ...extra terrestial complex; "...sublime extra-terrestial" {occupation, evening, philios} *The sixth paradigm of sextant dialog; *The sub-conscious state; occupied.
  163. S`ir-rus Su-per-ior: No. Sirrus Superior| Sirrus and Superior SuperWikia Nativity a streaming sirrus superior "sirrus superior effervesce" {memory, latenite, reflection} *The seventh paradigm of sextant dialog; *The reflexive memory property.
  164. P`sy-cho-gra-ph-ics: No. Psychographics|Psychographical| Psycho-(sy+co) and Graphics SuperWikia Basic Uninet Scientific ...displayed evident psychographics; "trained in psychographics" {census, interpret, academy} *The intellectual inventory of learning components; to study *A microplex.
  165. E`n-let: No. Enleted|Enlet Radiation| En-(e+in) and Let-(let) SuperWikia Basic Uninet Scientific ...molded enlet shell; "...enlet positioning system" {conductivity,grade,plot,wove} *A sub-phyisal metallic alloy engravure used in hull construction; *A tincture.
  166. S`yn-th: No. Synthial| Syn-(cine) and Th-(the) SuperWikia Basic Uninet Scientific ...synth intellegence; "...employed synths" {android, clone, robot} *A surrogate body for psychographic intellegence; *A functional humanoid.
  167. P`au-se-o-met-rics: No. Pauseometric| Pauseo-(pa+seo) and Metrics-(met+rics) SuperWikia Basic Uninet Scientific ...precision by pauseometrics; "pauseometric movement" {graphic, kenetic, photo} *The science of kenetics in which properties become boyant; motionless.
  168. S`e-al: No. Seal|Sealed| See and Ale SuperWikia Old English ...the Great Seal of the Uninet; "...a sealed document" {award, closure, device, emblem} *A graphic instrument denoting tenure or status; *An embossed symbol.
  169. P`re-pa-ra-tion: No. Preparational| Prep-(prep) and Aration-(ar+ration) SuperWikia American English ...preparation for the occuldent; "...equals preparation Q" {application, lodge, treatment} *A formulaic or eposodic pl*An administered during investigation; presumption.
  170. E`ar-th-wo-rk: Ver. Earthwork|Earthworking| Earth-(ear+th) and Work-(were+ck) SuperWikia American English ...extensive earthwork; "...noticible earthwork" {construction, excavate, survey} *The process of displacement of earth in order to build or research.
  171. S`io-ux: PN Sioux|Siouxian| Sue or Sio SuperWikia Nativity of Sioux; "...Sioux territory" {indian, native, tribal} *The proper name for *A native americ*An indi*An tribe of *The pre-columbi*An period.
  172. T`em-pe: PN Tempe|Tempe| Tem-(tim) and Pe-(pee) SuperWikia Nativity of Tempe; "...Tempe territory" {indian, native, tribal} *The proper name for *A native americ*An indi*An tribe; early United States.
  173. A`pa-che: PN Apache|Apachian| Apache-(apa+chee) SuperWikia Nativity of Apache; "...Apache territory" {indian, native, tribal} *The proper name for *A native americ*An indi*An tribe; early United States.
  174. P`u-eb-lo: PN Pueblo|Puebloean Pueblo-(pee+web+blo) SuperWikia Nativity of Pueblo; "...Pueblo territory" {indian, native, tribal} *The proper name for *A native americ*An indi*An tribe; early United States.
  175. L`an-o-lin: PN Lanolin| Lanolin-(lan+o+lin) SuperWikia Nativity of Lanolin; "...Lanolin territory" {indian, native, tribal} *The proper name for *A native americ*An indi*An tribe; early United States.
  176. E`s-ki-mo: PN Eskimo|Eskimoan| Eskimo-(es+ki-mo) SuperWikia Nativity of Eskimo; "Eskimo territory" {indian, native, tribal} *The proper name for *A native americ*An indi*An tribe; early United States.
  177. S`e-qou-yan: PN Seqouyan| Seqouyan-(se+qou+yan) SuperWikia Nativity of Seqouyan; "...Seqouyan territory" {indian, native, tribal} *The proper name for *A native americ*An indi*An tribe; early United States.
  178. S`ph-er-eio-gra-ph: No. Sphereiography|Sphereiograph| Spherei and Ography SuperWikia Basic Uninet Scientific ...compilation of sphereiographies; "live sphereiography" {crown, head shot, interview} *A three dimensional application of *The hum*An skull; *A head shot or profile.
  179. T`e-li-cam-o-lo-gy: No. Telicamologic| Telicam and Ology SuperWikia Basic Uninet Scientific ...telicamology patterns; " telicamology" {environment, nature, weather} *The uninet scientific term for weather; from T(e)mperature, L(i)ght, C(a)dence.
  180. S`e-pha-lon: No. Seph|Sephlonic Seph-(sei+ef) and Alon-(a+lon) SuperWikia Basic Uninet Scientific ...the 19th sephalon; "...sephalon position" {increment, measure, time} *A unit of amplitudinal measure between officer grade or tenure; TERO system.
  181. T`il-ya-tar-i: PN Tilyataris| Tilya and Tari SuperWikia Basic Uninet Scientific ...Tilyatari formation; "...Commander of the Tilyataris" {charter, fleet} *A major fleet classification of *The Uninet Ship Systems; *A seizeship vessel.
  182. S`e-mi Im-pe-ach-men-t: No. Semi-Impeach|Semi-Impeachment| Semi and Impeachment SuperWikia American English ...requested a semi-impeachment; "...semi-impeach plea" {disexonerate, indictable} *A suppositional settlement in *An executive or presidential indictment; clemancy.
  183. A`g-ri-bus-i-ne-ss: No. Agribusiness| Agri and business SuperWikia American English ...capitalize on agribusiness; "...relied on agribusiness" {farming, food, subsist} *The point of economic utilization of food source based systems; *A marketplace.
  184. P`o-ly-ne-si-an: PN Polynesian| Poly and Nesian SuperWikia New Orient Asiatic ...consisted greatly of Polynesian; "...Polynesian heritage" {asiatic, pacific union} *An inhabitant or descendant of *The country of Polynesia; of *The pacific ocean.
  185. A`d-vi-so-ry: No. Advisor|Advisory Ad and Visory SuperWikia American English ...government advisory; "health advisory" {committee, console, consult} *A central point of regulatory influence or control; *An impartial panel or review.
  186. T`an-dem Ke-net-ic Blo-ck: No. Tandem Kenetic Block|TK Block|TK Tandem and Kenetic and Block SuperWikia Basic Uninet Scientific the 650seph TK Block; "...failed during TK block tests" {wind tunnel, wind chamber} *A test facility which investigates aerial turbulance and subject integrity.
  187. Sediment By-Products No. Sediments|S1 By-Product Sediment and By-Products SuperWikia Basic Uninet Scientific ...S1 production decrease; "price of S1" {dirt, earth, gravel, soil} *The first property in tandem based fuel supply; *A component of binomial fuel.
  188. Toxicant By-Products No. Toxicants|T1 By-Products| Toxicant and By-Products SuperWikia Basic Uninet Scientific ...T1 production decrease; "price of T1" {deposit, film, silt, soot} *The second property in tandem based fuel supply; *A component of radial fuel.
  189. Agrisource By-Products: No. Agrisource|A1 By-Product Agrisource and By-Products SuperWikia Basic Uninet Scientific Agrisource production decrease; "price of A1" {oxigenate, protein} *The third property in tandem based fuel supply; *A component of arid fuel.
  190. Petroleum By-Products: No. Petroleum|P1 By-Product| Petroleum and By-Products SuperWikia Basic Uninet Scientific Petroleum production decrease; "price of P1" {purified, recycled} *The fourth property in tandem based fuel supply; *A component of natural fuel.
  191. Lubricant By-Products: No. Lubricant|L1-By Product| Lubricant and By-Products SuperWikia Basic Uninet Scientific ...lubricant production decrease; "...price of L1" {agent, solution} *The fifth property in tandem based fuel supply; *A component of dexterous fuel.
  192. Emission Grade By-Products: No. Emission Grade|E1 By Product| Emission and Grade and By Products SuperWikia Basic Uninet Scientific Emission Grade production decrease; price of E1" {chemical, polymer} *The sixth property in tandem based fuel supply; *A component of occuldent fuel.
  193. Super Polymer By-Products: No. Super Polymer|S2 By Product Super and Polymer and By Products SuperWikia Basic Uninet Scientific ...Super Polymer production decrease; "...price of S2" {enhancement, emulsify} *The seventh property in tandem based fuel supply; component of nucleate fuel.
  194. S`yn-chro-den-sit-y: No. Synchrodensation| Synchro and Density SuperWikia Basic Uninet Scientific ...lower synchrodensity; "...synchrodensity application" {chronologic, relay, transmit} *The measure of uninet time (workload) versus subjective time (caseload).
  195. T`an-dem Hy-dra-tion: Ver Tandem Hydrate|THy| Tandem and Hydration SuperWikia Basic Uninet Scientific ...record THy level; "...Tandem-Hydrate activity" {liquify, rain, water} *The uninetic definition of *The chemical formul*A water; rain, condensation. (THy).
  196. S`ph-er-ial: No. Spherial|Spherials| Sphere-(se+fear) and Ial-(eel) SuperWikia Basic Uninet Scientific capable spherial; "...reinforced spherial" {cavalar, cap, chief, helmet} *A helmet used during exercises to protect *The head portion; *A cover.
  197. T`ar-pau-lin: No. Tarpaulin|Tarpaulins|Tarp| Tarp-(tarp) and Aulin-(all+in) SuperWikia Basic Uninet Scientific ...inspected each tarpaulin; "...extra tarps" {shoulder pad} *A padded garment or plate used during exercises to protect *The shoulders.
  198. A`rm-a-ment: No. Armaments|Armament| Arm-(are+m) and Ament SuperWikia Basic Uninet Scientific ...metallic armament; "...flexible armament" {cover, sleeve} *A shielded garment for use during exercises which protects *The arms.
  199. P`ar-a-gon: No. Paragon|Paragons| Para-(pair+a) and Gon-(gone) SuperWikia Basic Uninet Scientific ...adorn in stripped paragons; "... {flack jacket, flight coat} *A breastplate or jacket worn during exercises to protect *The chest.
  200. L`an-cet: No. Lancets|Lancettes| Lan and Cet SuperWikia Basic Uninet Scientific ...subdued lancets; "...used several lancets" {cup, jock strap, pad} *A cupped pad strap worn during exercises to protect *The straddle or hip.
  201. E`chel-on: No. Echelons|Echelon| E and Chel and On SuperWikia Basic Uninet Scientific ...marched in echelons; "...key echelons" {leg, legion, pant, plantoon} *A reinforced or plated pair of pants worn to protect *The legs during exercises.
  202. S`a-ber: No. Sabers|Saber Sa and Ber SuperWikia Basic Uninet Scientific ...detachable sabers; "...missed the saber" {boot, shoe} *A pair of shielded boots or shoes worn during exercises to protect *The feet.
  203. P`rop-er-spec-ti-ve: No. Properspect|Properspective Proper and Spective SuperWikia Basic Uninet Scientific ...properspective of the city; "...properspect view" {blueprint, legend, master} *A survey rendering map or device used to enhance visual use; superspective.
  204. S`pec-tr-al-tec-ture: No. Spectraltecture| Spectral and Tecture SuperWikia Basic Uninet Scientific ...embedded within the spectraltecture {facility, host, laboratory} *The environment in which *A controlled experiment is launched; facade', arcade.
  205. A`n-hk-let: No. Anhklets|Anhk| Anhk-(ann+k) and Let-(lett) SuperWikia New Orient Asiatic ...tapered anhklet print; "...adorned her with an anhklet" {brand, handmark, tattoo} *A ceremonial hand tattoo worn by indi*An women as *A distinction of matrimony.
  206. Sediment Composition: No. Sedimentary Make Up| Sediment and Composition SuperWikia Basic Uninet Scientific sediment composition of terazhomb {base constituient, make-up} *The compositional library of *A celestial body; sedimentation inventory.
  207. Tandem Distribution: No. Tandem Spectrum| Tandem and Distribution SuperWikia Basic Uninet Scientific ...modified per tandem distribution {content, menu, table} *The mathematical progression of tandem properties of *A celestial body.
  208. Apparent Density: No. Apparent Absence| Apparent and Density SuperWikia Basic Uninet Scientific versus its apparent density;"equaled its apparent density" {condensation,resolution,yield} *The mathematical triangulation of celestial properties; *A traversation formula.
  209. Parametric Volume: No. Parameter Weight| Parametric and Volume SuperWikia Basic Uninet Scientific ...parametric volume of earth; {basis, perch, storage} *The mathematical space consumed by *The apparent density of *A body.
  210. Levitational Displacement: No. Levitation Dynamics| Levitational and Displacement SuperWikia Basic Uninet Scientific ...the levitational displacement continuum {adroitness, boyancy, disturb} *The mathematical consistancy of celestial kenetics during traversal dynamics.
  211. Equiposial Revolution: No. Equiposial Cycle| Equiposial and Revolution SuperWikia Basic Uninet Scientific ...luminance of half a equiposial revolution {cycle, escape, zero} *The mathematical completion of *A celestial cycle; zero velocity of *An ellipse.
  212. Solstice Speed: No. Solstice Motion| Solstice and Speed SuperWikia Basic Uninet Scientific ...a solstice speed of 19 earth years per second {movement, rate} *The mathematical incrementation of comparative celestial progression.
  213. Sideral Depletion: No. Sideral Evaporation| Sideral and Depletion SuperWikia Basic Uninet Scientific ...palatial's sideral depletion; "...erosion and sideral..." {atmosphere, concentration} *The amplitudinal emission of destructive radiation against sideral bodies.
  214. Terminal Expanse: No. Terminal Expanse| Terminal and Expanse SuperWikia Basic Uninet Scientific ...both planet's terminal expanse {gulf, limit, openess} *The greatest and least distance between two celestial bodies; conductivity.
  215. Aeroembolism: No. Aeroembolic| Aero and Embolism SuperWikia Basic Uninet Scientific ...anomalities of aeroembolic; {cramp, decompress, yawn} *The formation or release of gas in *The blood due to atmospheric shift.
  216. Panoramic Pacification: No. Panorama| Panoramic and Pacification SuperWikia Basic Uninet Scientific ...storm of the panoramic pacification {gravity, kenesis, phenomena} *The atmoshperic interruption of one celestial body in *The presence of another.
  217. Lineal Luminosity: No. Lineal Luminance| Lineal and Luminosity SuperWikia Basic Uninet Scientific ...triggered a lineal luminosity {effective, generation, guild} *The chain reaction or flair up of numerous luminant agaseous bodies.
  218. Effusionary Biology: No. Effusionary| Effusionary and Biology SuperWikia Basic Uninet Scientific ...extended exposure to effusionary conditions {decadential, jettison} *The science of negative neuralogical response; radiation sickness or cancer.
  219. Sub-Physial Emulation: No. Sub-Physial Response| Sub-Physial and Emulation SuperWikia Basic Uninet Scientific ...tandem's sub-physial response {author, drivespan, pilot} *The phenomen*A in which celestial bodies behave as sub-physial bodies.
  220. Slate Depreciation: No. Slate Consumption|Slate Exhaust Slate and Depreciation SuperWikia Basic Uninet Scientific ...conduct drivespan displayed slate depreciation. {fusion, occuldent, deployment} *The instance in physics where black pulse cadence collides with white pulse.
  221. Tenure Trajectory: No. Tenure Continuum| Tenure and Trajectory SuperWikia Basic Uninet Scientific ...superior tenure trajectory; "...celestial tenure trajectory" {formation, heading, position} *The process of perpetuality based upon coordinate intensity; physiognomy.
  222. Astronomic Drivespan: No. Astronomic Drivespan|Drivespan Astronomic and Drivespan SuperWikia Basic Uninet Scientific ...manipulated drivespan latitudes {conduct, tapestry} *A measured astronomic itiniary usually plotted by *An ensign or lower rank.
  223. Labial Penetration: No. Labial Pregnancy|Labial Prolific Labial and Penetration SuperWikia Basic Uninet Scientific ...uretheral labial penetration" {combustion, pandemic, physics} *The life cycle and exhaustion of entire tandem particle generations.
  224. Particle Convection: No. SuperWikia Basic Uninet Scientific ...volatile particle convection"particle convection generation *The phenomen*A in which mechanical physics coordinates with nature.
  225. Elliptic Episode: No. SuperWikia Basic Uninet Scientific *The instance in which *A celestial body intersects *An extant; exfoliation of light.
  226. Surreal Clairvoyance: No. Surreal Partiality| Surreal and Clairvoyance SuperWikia Basic Uninet Scientific ...dreamlike surreal clairvoyance state {clear, exponent, ghost, vanish} *The inclination of *A celestial body to increase or decrease its acumen class.
  227. Stealtheotology: No. Stealth Hierarchy| Stealth and Eotology SuperWikia Basic Uninet Scientific ...a practiced stealtheotologist {notation, numberology} *The uninetic science of exponential numbers; conduct numberology, space.
  228. T`op-o-gra-phy: No. Topographist| Top and Pography SuperWikia Basic Uninet Scientific ...ancient topographics {mapping, positioning} *The science of map making and reading; *A study of motion and movement.
  229. Antecauldaronandante: PN Antecauldron| Ante and Cauldaron and Andante SuperWikia Nativity ...delivered by the Antecauldaronandante {star, sun} *The proper uninet scientific name for *The sun; *The sun and its systems.
  230. Plexion: No. Plexion| Plex and ion SuperWikia Basic Uninet Scientific ...plexion to port; "...stared at its plexion" {distance, expanse, space} *The spatial expanse between two or more celestial bodies; conduct or space.
  231. L`um-in-os-ity: No. Luminance| Lum and Inosity SuperWikia Basic Uninet Scientific ...obstructed luminosity; "...luminosity speed" {aoptic, light, percivial} *The study of light and its delivery systems; radiation measurement and optisity.
  232. Equiposial Time: No. Equiposial System| Equiposial and Time SuperWikia Basic Uninet Scientific ...SuperWikia EQ equals [ 00] 0-0-00; more at [ones] fives-tens & hour blocks {divert, prison} *The modified chronological numeric progression for equipose & TERO systems.
  233. Serviceman Suit: No. Serviceperson Suit| Serviceman and Suit SuperWikia American English ...serviceperson suit convention {dress suit, wardrobe} *A dress jacket, pant or skirt, shirt or blouse and tie or ascot worn as *A uniform.
  234. Strandel Encodation: Ver Strandel|Encode| Strandel and Encodation SuperWikia Basic Uninet Scientific ...micro-strandel encodation {gender, genomial} *The physiological code of instruction for hum*An gender determination.
  235. Terazhombial Differential: Ver Terazhomb Identification| Terazhombial and Differential SuperWikia Basic Uninet Scientific ...amalagraphic study proved terazhombial differential {footprint, genetics} *The physiological code of instruction for identity scientific recognition.
  236. Attribution Property: Ver Attribution| Attribute and Property SuperWikia Basic Uninet Scientific ...high gradiance of attribution properties {distribution, organization} *The physiologic code of instruction for metabolic proportion and distribution.
  237. Physiologic Polymerization: Ver Physio-Polymer| Physiologic and Polymerization SuperWikia Basic Uninet Scientific of physio-polymers {cohesion, incorporation} *The instance in physiology in which terazhomb strandels become active.
  238. Labial Impregnation: Ver Labial Pregnancy|Labial Prolific Labial and Impregnation SuperWikia Basic Uninet Scientific ...selected labial impregnation {conception concieve impregnate} *The instance in physiology in which male and female encodes form another.
  239. Encode Population: No. Encode Docket| Encodation and Environment SuperWikia Basic Uninet Scientific ...practiced within their encode population {care, management, microplexy} *The physiologic code of instruction for facilitative measurement; generation.
  240. Structured Environment: No. Structured Living| Structured and Environment SuperWikia Basic Uninet Scientific available structured environments {common, cooperative, projects} *The controlled environment in which experimental programs are administered.
  241. Sight Recognition: No. Sight Recoginition Technique| Sight and Recognition SuperWikia Dialect ...entire class of sight recognition {opticular, understanding} *The most basic learning curricullum are*A of mastering; beginning, pre-school. (PRE-COL)
  242. Thought Pattern: No. Thought Pattern Technique| Thought and Pattern SuperWikia Dialect ...assembled by thought pattern groups {psychomotor methodology train} *The second basic learning curricullum are*A of mastering; beginning, pre-school.
  243. Auricular Response: No. Auricular Response Technique| Auricular and Response SuperWikia Dialect ...conference for auricular response {hearing, display, remit} *The third basic learning curricullum are*A of mastering; beginning, pre-school.
  244. Participation Technique: No. Participation| Participation and Technique SuperWikia Dialect ...structured participation period. {exchange, interact} *The fourth basic learning curricullum are*A of mastering; beginning, pre-school.
  245. Lapse Coordination: No. Lapse Coordination Technique| Lapse and Coordination SuperWikia Dialect ...remembered by lapse coordination {longitudinal, memorize} *The fifth basic learning curricullum are*A of mastering; beginning, pre-school.
  246. Exercise Cognition: No. Exercise Cognition Technique| Exercise and Cognition SuperWikia Dialect ...a choreographed exercise cognition class {understanding, uniform} *The sixth basic learning curricullum are*A of mastering; beginning, pre-school.
  247. Slope Learning Curve: No. Slope Technique| Slope and Learning and Curve SuperWikia Dialect ethinic slope learning curve {average, basis, modify} *The seventh basic learning curricullum are*A of mastering; beginning, pre-school.
  248. Scribe Methodology: No. Scribe Studies| Scribe and Methodology SuperWikia Basic Uninet Scientific ...inducted under the scribe title {intern, thesis, short officer} *A basic method of underwriting; usually for transcribe documents; post-secondary.
  249. Treatment Load Capacity: No. Treatment Load|Threshold|Level Treatment & Load & Capacity SuperWikia Basic Uninet Scientific showed its treatment load capacity {account, generation, nativity} *The maximum prescribed rate of administration within *A populus of information or data.
  250. Association Management: No. Association Conferencing| Association and Management SuperWikia American English ...a certified component of association management {nomenclature, divisory} *A quantitative collective of divisories as defined by *The Trans Industrial Certified Staples.
  251. Preamble Enumeration: No. Preamble Assembly| Preamble and Enumeration SuperWikia Basic Uninet Scientific ...pass over by the preamble enumeration {assemble, slate} *A process of exemplification in which *A group or class of preambles ratify *An issue.
  252. Launch Module Environment: No. LME|LME Program|Convention Launch Module Environment SuperWikia Basic Uninet Scientific ...validation of the Launch Module Environment course {internship, training} *A program for students of exhibition management which allows access to *The facilities.
  253. ED-C2 No. Exhibit / Display Course ED-C2 SuperWikia Basic Uninet Scientific ...trained under the ED-C2 LME program {advertisement, natural} *The paternal organization of *The LME program; its course, convention and components.
  254. S`e-dan Model: No. Sedan| Se-(see) and Dan-(dan) SuperWikia Reserved ...towed away and repossesed sedan {automobile, car} *A vehicular model of transportation used during field investigations; fleet unit.
  255. T`r-uck Model: No. Truck|Pick-Up Truck|Trailer|Van Tru-(tru) and Ck-(ck) SuperWikia Reserved ...towed away and repossesed truck {automobile, car} *A vechicular model of transportation used by field agents to carry equipment; fleet unit.
  256. A`ll Terrain Model: No. All Terrain Vechicle| All and Terrain SuperWikia Reserved ...towed away and repossesed all terrain vehicle {automobile, car} *A vehicular model of transportation used during field exercises; fleet unit.

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