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Newly Empowered CampaignsEdit

Rougdely-Doseavault (pronouced: Road + Lee and Dose-a-Vault) is a transpod manufacturer owned, operated and managed by the Berthgamble consortium of industries. The company emphasizes on high-end vehicles and engines, especially designed for executive clientele. The Cartouche uses the make's superbody and framework in engineering their solarcade vehicles.

Noted as a vehicle of prestige and recognition, the models range from exclusive road escort to executive transcom vehicles and shuttles. Some of the custom solarcade frameworks are fitted with both extra sheilding, turrets and anti-detection or cloaking devices to better protect their operators.

The origins of the Rougdely-Doseavault name originated from a mix of both Jason Berthgamble and Knowles Berthgamble father's middle names. A mutual estate was formed between the two houses which led to their eventual coronation.

Other CampaignsEdit

The company also manufactures engines for:

  • Super Spacehighway Construction Equipment
  • Transcom Galactic Positioning System (GaPS) Satellites
  • ArchCities Administrative Building Generators
  • Processors for Personal Lineage Systems

Officials of the Supercorp Edit

Jason & Knowles Berthgamble

Jason & Knowles Berthgamble

The Senator is married to Jason Zacharhy Berthgamble; a powerful Business Mogul and co-founder of the Berthgamble Space & Defense Industries Supercorps. The Senator is under solveig oath.

Driving Ranges & Testing FacilitiesEdit

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