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New Spiritual PresenceEdit

Pamazon delegation leader Prime Minister Epiphany Proudfoot architected the massive 'Megalaxus' observation, a prophetic phenomena which occured within the 'Uncharted Galaxy', which later became known as the Milky Way 19 and the new home for Habatchii. The Ambassador also supported a denomination of the Ascensionist proxeum in what some have called the 'Black Cult' of the Republic, deeply rooted in naturalism and the black pulse.

Oracles From Science & ReligionsEdit

Soft-spoken and firm in position, the Ambassador has brought many notable issues, most of which have been ordained from her small yet growing congregation of secular-scientists; a covent of scientists under solveig oath and a vow of intellectual commune to minister consistancy of planetary alignment by means of aesthetic observation.

The Ambassador also was a major contributor during the Breakpeace preamble campaign, the Allstate BS-AS (Before Space & After Space) calendar designation. Accordingly, the SIS and all of its governance entities were mutual signatories of an agreement not to interfere or intervene upon the lower class properties (LCP) and planets within their solarstates. The Ambassador campaign strongly against enslavement of the LCP and launched The Breakpeace Stardate Synchronization Act before both the SIS and the SuperWikia Senate, which generally created an invisible timestable across all of the associated galaxies and solarstates and gave each identifiable planet or entity a dateline to enter into a space assembly. Most newly formed space entities followed the Ambassador's provisioning, yet a few rogue states did attempt to reform the Insolvency's force by force approach, but were halted by SIS jurisdictional rulings.

The Ambassador retained her good standing and was recognized by and invited to sit on the Sonjanella Superversity Executive Consul for her organization contributions, where she would eventually began teaching S-POLL law, astropolitics and sociophysics.

Diplomatic ContributionsEdit

Prime Minister Proudfoot worked with Sen. Habatchii shortly after the 'Megalaxus'; the launch of the the 'New Genesis' project; and later became a High Priestess within the region. The Ambassador's diplomatic contributions have created emergency envoys and exchange routes for displaced immigrants of the seasonal space tsunamiis.

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