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Lauren Carphacel 1.1 Ambassador Carphacel - Prime Minister of the SuperWikia Administration representing the Earthbred as observed by and before the SIS.

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The Ambassador travels to and from the planet Earth extensively. This includes missions from distant galaxies and solarstates which are member bodies of both the Solosphere and the The SuperWikia Earthbred Expo. The Ambassador acts as a liasion between the individual solarstates and The SuperWikia Senate, administering provisions to envoys and resolving mandates proposed by displaced governance.

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Ethinic Bylaws & the Prime Minister Prime DirectivesEdit

Ensuring that developing proxeums and guilds and their dependent states have adequate Ethinic Bylaws and Procession ruling systems is the prime directive of the Prime Minister. Before a proxeum/guild is recognized or admitted into the Senate (Space), it must establish its position on the proliferation of human and sentient life, the Prime Minister exercises this ruling by visiting regions which have shown great promise or potential to host advanced life and vertical social infrastuctures.

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  • - Prime Minister of the SuperWikia Administration as observed by the SIS at the Prime Minister's Mansion.
  • Lead Order / Party: SuperWikia Administration / Tweep Republic

Ambassador Carphacel
Lauren Carphacel (SuperWikia Earthbred Ambassador to the SIS)
Ambassador Carphacel
Base Title: Ambassador Carphacel / Prime Minister
Sex / Gender: Female
Ethinicity / Race: European-Eurasian Procession
Lead Order / Party: SuperWikia Administration / Tweep Republic
Physique / Health: Supermodel
Active Level: Executive
Tentative Status: (Currently Un-Available)
Setting / Location: SIS Administration

Ambassador Lauren Carphacel- SuperWikia SIS Administration Prime Minister. Tweep Republic; 2008- USA. (Special Agent Notice);

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