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Supermodel ShowcaseEdit

ArchCities United States Delegation-Proxeum member Peter Boy Blue is a musician with an acute gift of solving crimes. Uncoiling from his secrect laboratory, the 'Basement Book Lab'; Pete uses his gift from the gods, Blue, a technologically enhanced electric guitar and Redrum, his equalizing bass to fend off opposition and protect world from evil.

Tension & Surface CoherencyEdit

Peter; (who's real name and identity remains secret) is an astronautical engineer at heart, creating new and more intricate ways of brighthening anyone's day, or darkening it. He has worked on countless terrformming missions and is attributed with drafting the first Philabrone Process over a planet. Surface tension in a minor.

ArchCities Diplomatic ContributionsEdit

Peter has been known to frequent the establishment of Prime Minister Caduseus, but has never been seen in the same room with Sen. Habatchii.

Philosophy & MythologyEdit

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