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Neural Signal & SuperWikia-ArchCitiesEdit

Ann Staples 1.1 (SuperWikia-ArchCities Surgeon General of Health)

  • Ann Staples is an outstanding party of the SuperWIkia Senatorial Staff, with credentials in health and medicines as well as bio-physics and other disicplines.

Occupational Health & EPAOEdit

The SuperWikia-ArchCities Health Administration services all EPAO regional coverage and Supercorp~li operations for both onsite and offsite administration. With all of the SIS divisional offices and partitions under its jurisdiction, the Administration employs the largest EPAO coverage area of all SIS operations.

Diplomatic ContributionsEdit

Ann's contributions include an envoy to various SIS localities, some of which were LCP (Lower Class Properties) of the Uninet Conduct System. These envoy missions can be dangerous if not escorted by an armed unit or security company. The contributions to SuperWikia do not stop at health related administration, due to the continuing ethinic bylaw expansionism and foriegn affairs of which the Health Administration openly advocates.

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