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New Perspective on SpaceEdit

Erica Anopolis (Madusa)
New Era Tweep- NET delegation leader and billionaire heiress Erica Anopolis was a key party in The Arch Era- A rebellious period in which commonwealths battled colonists. She was an opponent of Senator Bana Breemu, drilling her cabinet to force her and her administration to create the new Northbridge of the solarstates. Erica (Codename: Madusa) led the campaign endorsing commonwealth equality with the solarstates and strongly encouraged the Arch Era as being the guiding light for all commonwealth ascendants. This was a battle-plagued period that set new plateaus of political diplomacy and space delegation. Breakpeace.

Occuldentrios Expanse ConflictEdit

The Occuldentrios Expanse was a major and pivotal point within the delegations movement. Rumors were spreading that Madusa initiated a counter-strike against Sen. Breemu's solarcade within the Sonjanella Galaxy. Sen. Breemu's envoy was ambushed in the expanse and reports stating she was dead flooded the galaxy.

Diplomatic ContributionsEdit

Madusa's association with the NET delegation movement has been recorded as being very prominent and active. She has led political campaigns and rallies supporting commonwealth issues and has also presented various formal proposals before the SuperWikia Senate.

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Summary Edit

Erica Anapolis; Billionaire Heiress & Political Activist. (Special Agent Notice) Tweep Republic, 2008- USA.

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Erica Anopolis (Madusa)
Erica Anapolis
Base Title: Codename: 'N/A'
Sex / Gender: Female
Ethinicity / Race: African American Procession / Latin American Procession
Lead Order / Party: New Era Tweep / Tweep Republic
Physique / Health: Supermodel
Active Level: Executive / Administration
Tentative Status: (Currently Un-Available)
Setting / Location: SuperWikia Administrative Offices / Ambassadorship

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