The Sarcophagus of Habatchii TsunamiiEdit

Senator: Habatchii
Senator- Habatchii
Superwikia 'Lifeforce' EndiciaVital statistics
Title Hon. Habatchii
Sex/Gender Male
Ethinicity/Race African-American/Indo-Centurian
Level EXO/Officer
Party/Order Republic/Astacyian Order
Active Health Grade Soldier Grade
Tourney Status Not Available
SIS Offsite Ops SIS 'Transcribe Ascendant'

  • .

Systems & OrdersEdit

SIS Protectorate Fleet Data:

  • SuperWikia USS SIS- 'Transcribe Ascendant' (Sloak Star Destroyer Class)Name: SIS-Transcribe Ascendant (aka; 'Ascendant') of the SIS Destroyer Legionnaire Class of vessel. It is a modified battlestar with extra diamondlife grids for scientific research and astrophysic experimentation. listed as an Administrator Sub-Class. The Administrator has conducted more Solosphere tourneys than any other class and the Ascendant has more victorious campaigns than any other SIS vessel.

Tourney Coverage Data:
  • Habatchii tourneys as an SOC during Superior Session and can convert to any other class during General Session tourneys. Typically; this classifies the supermodel under a Solosphere Stature Team Events status, while having the ability to change status to suit directives and other criterion.
Station Endicia Title Abbreviated Performance Bench SIS code
SIS PE Senior Off. Command Endicia Senior Officer Commander SOC 364 Articles P-7
  • Habatchii's 'Oval Plan' consists of a full semester of various administartive grade projects.

Extinct & Ancient CivilizationsEdit

Body or People Region Admin Type Native People Desendants
+Siessian Galaxy Sector #001 Republic Isiessi The Cartouche'
+Tweep Republic Galaxy Sector #0002 Republic Tweep Clones Avian Ascendents

(Note: the symbol '+' means that the civilization is classed as an Ancient)

Earthbred Desendants

  1. Sioux Cultures
  2. Tempe Cultures
  3. Appalachian Cultures
  4. Pueblo Cultures
  5. Lanolin Cultures
  6. Eskimo Cultures
  7. Seqouyan Cultures

Levitations- Teachings of the Habatchii OrderEdit


Political AffiliationsEdit

System Territory Abbreviated Political Order Logistics
System Tapestry Administration (STA) System-Wide Unilateral Non-Partisan Adm. Custodialship
Blackplate Adminstration System-Wide Unilateral Non-Partisan Military/Defense
Motherplate Administration System-Wide Unilateral Non-Partisan Administration
Whiteplate Administration System-Wide Unilateral Non-Partisan Laborforce/Development
SuperWikia Uninet TICS 9000 System-Wide Unilateral Non-Partisan Supercorp Hosting


Military AffiliationEdit

Political OppositionEdit

Assaults, Battles & WarchestsEdit

Shorty Title Runtime/Realtime Shorty Title Runtime/Realtime
Tourney at SUPRA SATEL Dot the SuperWikia Runtime Logo Tourney at SY SATEL Dot the SuperWikia Runtime Logo
Tourney at SUPRA TESTES Dot the SuperWikia Runtime Logo Tourney at SY TESTES Dot the SuperWikia Runtime Logo
Tourney at SUPRA AERO Dot the SuperWikia Runtime Logo Tourney at SY AERO Dot the SuperWikia Runtime Logo
Tourney at SUPRA COM Dot the SuperWikia Runtime Logo Tourney at SY COM Dot the SuperWikia Runtime Logo
Tourney at SUPRA YVES Dot the SuperWikia Runtime Logo Tourney at SY YVES Dot the SuperWikia Runtime Logo

Timelines, Lineage & CumcubinesEdit

  • Timelines
  1. SuperWikia Stardate
  • Lineage
  1. Onsite
    1. Earthbred Ancestry
    2. Terraform Ancestry
  2. Offsite
    1. STA Ancestry
    2. SIS Ancestry

Solarstates & Galactic Organization DirectoryEdit

SIS Chartered Galaxies & Solarstates

  1. Quadrant One: Sonjanella Galaxy
  2. Quadrant Two: /Tytonka Galaxy
  3. Quadrant Three /Abdulicya Galaxy
  4. Quadrant Four: /Papamela Galaxy
  5. Quadrant Five: /Laolana Galaxy
  6. Quadrant Six: /Ebonyia Galaxy
  7. Quadrant Seven: /Stacyonia Galaxy

'Transparent Empire' Solarstate Galaxies of the Ancient Cloud-

  1. /Achupas Galaxy
  2. /Aphoto Galaxy
  3. /Ariz Galaxy
  4. /Barocca Galaxy
  5. /Caphagis Galaxy
  6. /Dartanya Galaxy
  7. /Eataumana Galaxy
  8. /Levianclacadees Galaxy
  9. /Neercessatanees Galaxy
  10. /Neus Galaxy
  11. /Othaiis Galaxy
  12. /Psythonis Galaxy
  13. /Recarra Galaxy
  14. /Sequoya Galaxy
  15. /Seringetti Galaxy
  16. /Sioux Galaxy
  17. /Tabatha Galaxy
  18. /Tilyatari Galaxy
  19. /Yelandcries Galaxy


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