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Lucky Sunset 1.9

Newly Empowered CampaignsEdit

Lucky Sunset is one of the most popular supergen (Super-Generation) performers within the SIS. Her electro-trance music has influence more artists than any other female; with superstar status and hits being played on a large share of the Solarcast streamworks. The bronzened femme has performed before the President of SuperWikia, the SuperWikia Senate and has been recognized under an official solveig of the solarstates.

Lucky Sunset 1.0

Origins of the Supergen Edit

Born as a Drone Nette@ Model 2000 SDES Drone, Lucky Sunset has developed as a supergen, talent, artist and producer; claiming over 200 younger artists under her studio's banner. Reared in mostly offsite environments; as a young waitress on a large spaceliner, she was approached by a producer named Calrissian, who first launched her career in streamworks.

She was introduced to a Commodore from a distant star system who invited her to tour as a special guest on their tour and from there she hit the main streamcast circuit as a true supergen.

Lucky Sunset 1.2

Database ContributionsEdit

Lucky has been listed as one of the greatest supergens of SuperWikia, amassing a coverage of more than 12 solarstates and tourdates reaching countless cities.

Names & FacesEdit

Business Mogul Jason Zacharhy Berthgamble and his wife Knowles Berthgamble often host many events which headline Lucky's shows, streamcasts and other media based events. It was onced rumored that they were in negotiations to launch a new vehicle make with her name.

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