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New Perspective on Space[edit | edit source]

Supermodel: Pamazon is a major secularcede of the Tweep Republic. Her status as a mythological deity has been recognized by the Republic as its religious base. She has been noted as an ancient Senator of the Assembly.

Other Significant Events[edit | edit source]

During the early period of her ministry, Pamazon delivered a solvieg countance unto her followers that they might know her voice during and after the Duration. The countance, which exemplified her ministry's alphabet and coordinate phrase systems, is named in her namesake; which proceeds as follows:

The Maternal Oath (known as Pam’s Solveig):

1Assemblies of Assemblies; 2Before Our Superior Mother of Magistrats; 3Call Us To Order. 4Defending Our Greater Benefit, 5Elect On Our Behalf, 6Familiar Gains And Great Countance. 7Give Us Our Prescribes, 8Health, Sextants and Sustainance; 9In Respect of the Powers of Your Being. 10Jurisprudence is Yours, 11Kneeling Only to the Magistrats. 12Lead Us this Day, 13Mother of Our Statehood, 14Nationalities & Government; 15Organized Within Your Assembly, 16Power and Ancilliary Movement. 17Quorum in Our Defense of Such Measure, 18Resilience and Political Aesthetics. 19Subsist and Feed Our Daily Digests. 20Try & Prove Us within the Nomenclatures, 21United States and Assemblies; 22Victorious in the Prescribe of Justice. 23We Approach Your Bench Humbly, 24XXX (thousand) times Aforementioned... 25Your Ensignia and Values Remain Upon Us; 26Zenith and Azimuths Unto the Finites.

Leerphacel Process

Diplomatic Contributions[edit | edit source]

High Priestess

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