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New Perspective on SpaceEdit

Tweep Republic delegation leader Sen. Breemu launched The Arch Era- A rebellious period in which commonwealths battled colonists. The Senator was under pressure by her cabinet to establish a new platform for her administration and created the northbridge into the future of the solarstates. The Arch Era was a battle-plagued period that set new plateaus of political diplomacy and space delegation. Its objectives were to divert the treadway-construction projects long enough to offset all existing opposing parties and layout the ground work for the new era of the Breakpeace.

Occuldentrios Expanse ConflictEdit

The Occuldentrios Expanse is a major space route for trade and envoys within the Sonjanella Galaxy. Sen. Breemu's envoy was ambushed in the expanse and reports were sent out all over that the Senator was deceased. She was not. A small executive capsule launched from the Senator's vessel and drifted to a nearby terraform not yet mapped on the envoy. The Senator and administration was met there by Habatchii, who escorted them to safety.

Diplomatic ContributionsEdit

Sen. Breemu worked with Sen. Habatchii in drafting new technological architectures, including primative versions of the Neural Signal delivery system, enhanced cloning enzymes and hyperserums and various other whiteplate infrastructures for the Breakpeace. The two became very close politically and sociably.

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